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Hi.I'm a licensed RN in Vermont but since I haven't practiced nursing since 2009 ,because I was in the Philippines back then,I placed my license in "inactive status". Now I am finally here in the US.My problem is that I wanted to transfer my license from Vermont to NJ(where I'm currently residing and planning to work) BUT since my license in Vermont is in "inactive status" I have to reactivate it again. Now the thing is that Vermont BON requires me to take the "re-entry program" since I could not renew my license without current hospital experience and I graduated more than 5 years ago(2005).Does anyone of you know what to do with my situation or how to go about with the re-entry program?I've heard that I need to have clinical sites lined up first?Is this true?And honestly, I don't know how getting those clinical sites lined up since it's different back in the Philippines.Do I need to go to each hospital to inquire and ask for permition to practice?Badly need someone to shed some light :(.I really want to work as a RN again but for me to do so I have to undergo all of these process of renewing :(.I'd gladly appreciate some thoughts.

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I have an active VT license, but since I've never worked acute care, I'm looking into RN refresher programs. The BON accepts South Dakota State University's RN refresher course, though you would need to arrange clinical hours on your own.

hi there! I also have an inactive rn license in Vermont and since I graduated 2007 I was advised to take a refresher course. can you share with me your experience? thank you!

Im on the same situation. Do i need to take my clinical at south dakota too? Or can i take the clinical here in california? I really fint know what to do?

hi there olaf28!

did you find a facility to do your clinicals?

I need one in Vermont.

pls reply

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