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"nurses eat their young"

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I am sorry, I don't understand. What does that mean?

(I am not a nurse, not even a nursing student yet)

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amybethf specializes in ICCU - cardiac.

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I am sure this does happen but do not let it deter u, there will be ppl u gel with and those u don't and that is true of any profession. Since the age of the avg nurse is 54, they are from the 'old school' way of doing things, when docs were looked upon in a certain way. They also did alot more work, the duties that CNA's now do so I think when new nurses who have had no medical experience beforehand (whereas alot of new nurses were in the field before and tend to do more) don't like to perform certain functions of patient care. This is just my opinion of course but I know quite a few nurses and by also reading the threads here.

Anyhow, do not let such statements get in the way of your dream. U may never experience such a situation when u are a nurse so don't waste your energy on this especially since u haven't even begun school yet. As I've read here, there will be much bigger things to worry about in NS, ie, yourself and your education.

Good luck!

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