"not-so-new-grad" needs advice


Graduated in Dec. '06 and did not get a job right away (had a baby in '05, '07 and '09 and chose to stay at home and be a mom) At the time there were a lot of jobs in CA and so I wasn't too worried about starting my career. Now I'm eager to be a nurse and am finding it very difficult. I have a current license/BLS (getting my NRP in 2 days) and am planning on taking a refresher course. Any other advice about how to break in to the profession as a "not-so-new grad" would be more than welcome! Also, my resume is full of Maternal/Child type experience and education since that is why I became a nurse, to work in OB/Postpartum, but all those units want someone with at least a year of Med/Surg experience. How do I get a Med/Surg job with an essentially blank resume? Or is there any chance of getting hired directly into postpartum or L&D?

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Unfortunately now is just not a great time to start out especially with your heart set on a speciality. Exactly what kind of Maternal Child experience and education do you have? That might make the difference. Good luck.


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i just got a job after a year of graduating the way i got my job was by doing volunteer work at the hospital i wanted to work at. i didn't do it to get a job but i just want to get out of the house and not forget my nursing skills. after a month and a half after networking and talking to different department i got a job interview and now i have a job. so if you can volunteer. good luck and i hope you get a job soon i thought i would never get a job but if i could get a job you can too.

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Four years out, you might want to look into taking an RN refresher course. People who are only one year post-graduation are having a hard time finding anything; hospitals will definitely look at your graduation date as all but ancient history. A refresher course will show them that you're still up on the newest research and technologies.