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  1. You make a good point but I never told the unit that I was a nurse or anything I went there and did what they asked of me.
  2. i think volunteering is a great idea because it lets you network i know i would never have got a job if i didn't volunteer. honestly i had several job offers and it helps that once you volunteer it shows that you are serious because i was out of school for a long time i applied for like 100 jobs and i had only one phone interview and she asked me what have you done since you graduated? and for me it was nothing. so i decided to volunteer and after 1 month of volunteering i found a job because they put a face to the name and i have to say i wish i volunteered even sooner. so for you all of you new graduate nurses that can't find a job be proactive and do something about it. if been a nurse is your dream give volunteering at a hospital a chance and i really think you would find a job. good luck to all of you guys i am not saying this is the right way but it worked for me.
  3. RN4S22

    What a mess!

    You are right you do seem like you are in a little of a mess. But don’t worry and follow your heart I know a nursing job is hard to come by but you don’t want to take a job you don’t love. I also understand that at a doctor’s office you might not be learning a lot. I think you really want the summer job and you should take it always follow you passion you would probably learn a lot doing that job anyway. You never know they could love you and offer you a full time job after the summer. I think you will always second guess yourself if you don’t take the summer job so it’s a chance that you have to take. But no matter what choice you make you should stick to it and not second guess your decision. Good luck and I know it’s hard but just think about it and do what feel right to you.
  4. RN4S22

    Finally I got a Job!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You Guys, I am so nervous and the orientation is next week. I hope I love my job too.
  5. RN4S22

    "not-so-new-grad" needs advice

    i just got a job after a year of graduating the way i got my job was by doing volunteer work at the hospital i wanted to work at. i didn't do it to get a job but i just want to get out of the house and not forget my nursing skills. after a month and a half after networking and talking to different department i got a job interview and now i have a job. so if you can volunteer. good luck and i hope you get a job soon i thought i would never get a job but if i could get a job you can too.
  6. RN4S22

    Finally I got a Job!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes it was a job I wanted I always wanted my first job to be in med-surg because it's a great way to learn.
  7. RN4S22

    Finally I got a Job!!!!!!!!!!

    :yeah:hi i finally got a job after trying to find one for such a long time. it has been a year and a half since i graduated from nursing school and i have been trying to find a job actively for about 8 month and finally after a while i had given up and i decided to volunteer at a hospital and through networking a i got a job. so for all of the new graduate nurses out there don't give up hope i know i did for a while. if nursing is your passion do whatever it takes to make it happen go volunteer at a hospital it shows them that you really want to be a nurse and you are willing to do whatever it takes. good luck to all of you guys. i guess i could finally say i am a !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. RN4S22

    Update on jobs for new grads

    I have been looking in the Huntsville area still no job offer. I must have applied for about 100 hundred jobs and out of those only one call back and I didn't even get that one. Good luck to everybody that is going through this.
  9. RN4S22

    What happened to the shortage?

    Don’t be so frustrated have been out of school for about a year now and I also relocated to the Huntsville area because my husband got relocated and before I moved here I had a job offer in another state but when I came here I can’t even get ONE interview here in Huntsville you have to know people to get a job which is so frustrating one nurse told me that you really have to know people to get a job other than that it’s all about luck. But you just graduated from school like a month ago so it’s not that bad imagine I have been LOOKING FOR A JOB like for 4 month now and no luck so far. I know nursing school was hard and not to find a job it makes all the hard work you did seem like for nothing. Don’t give up and just keep applying something will turn up I am sure. If nursing is your passion you just have to be persistent and not give up a lot of new grad Nurses are in the same boat so you are not the only one if that makes you feel a little better. Good luck and never give up!!!!!!!
  10. RN4S22

    PRN work in North AL

    Thank you VSBlonde, I will call them and ask them like you said it's worth a shot. Once again thank you for the information and please keep me updated of any RN Jobs. thank you
  11. RN4S22

    PRN work in North AL

    Hi VSBlonde, Do you kow if Dr. Khan's office are hiring new RN Grads or it's just LPN and do you kow any other places that are hiring new grad RNS. Thank you
  12. RN4S22

    Frustrated New grad!!!!!!!

    ADN is associate degree in nursing it’s a two year degree and not a four year. I am still an RN but I just have a diploma and not a BSN you could always go to school and complete your degree. I am going back to school this fall to complete my degree.
  13. You are so right, I have heard that it's all about who you know. But it's hard because I just moved here about 5 month a ago and I really don't know that many people that work in the health care. I will keep trying that's all i could do.
  14. RN4S22

    How i landed a new grad position

    Congratulations!!!! I am having a problem getting a job I don’t have a cover letter with my resume. Did you make the cover letter fit the job description or what kind of cover letter did you have? Thank you any info would be helpful. Good luck on your nursing career I am sure you will do just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. RN4S22

    Frustrated New grad!!!!!!!

    I am a new grad and it has been a year since I graduated and I can't get a job. I feel so discouraged because I love nursing and I wanted to be a nurse for a long time. I thought going to nursing school was the hardest part but finding a job is the hardest things in school they tell you nursing is in demand and finding a job won't be that hard were they wrong or what. I just don't want to give up yet but it has been a year since I graduated and I feel like I forgot everything. Now I have decided to go back to school to get my BSN completion maybe this would help. I know a lot of other nurses are feeling the same thing like me and I should be patient but its frustrating and very disappointing spending a lot of money in nursing school and having dreams of staring your career but only to wait a long time for it.
  16. RN4S22

    New Grad, for how long?

    Hi You are considered a new graduate until you have at least 6 month to 1 year experience. I know how you feel I am in the same situation I graduated December 2008 and it has been a year for me and I feel like I have forgot everything that I have learned. I can't get a job because I just moved and it seems like nobody is hiring here in Alabama they all want an RN with experience. But don't give up on your nursing career I decided to apply for the RN-BSN compilations program so I could get my BSN and I will start in the fall I think this is the perfect time to go back to school especially for nurses with a 2 year degree. GOOD Luck and I hope you find something soon!!!!!!!!!!