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  1. ocmama

    CHG prep for all vaginal deliveries?

    Thanks for the feedback! LilyRoseCNM, I completely agree with you and that is why I asked this question. I have voiced my concerns at work and found a few articles to present as well. As of right now I think this practice change may get put on hold until we have more evidence (including our own stats)........fingers crossed! If you or anyone else knows of any specific articles or other references that would be helpful please share. Thanks again
  2. Hi, Our hospital wants to start using a CHG prep for ALL vaginal deliveries and I would like to find out if anyone else is doing this. The plan is to prep while she is pushing or soon to deliver and allow solution to dry for 2 minutes. In addition to being a little inconvenient to do at that time I also thought that that was one of the perks of being born vaginally; you got some of mom's bacteria to help colonize the newborn gut and create a better immune system. I understand if mom is GBS+ and we don't have time to get antibiotics on board, but it seems excessive and counter intuitive in the majority of cases. Please fill me in on any experience you have with this....... Thanks!
  3. RNnicu42, Yes, I was hired in perinatal and so were two other new grads that I know of (see earlier pages of this post). We have orientation on the 12th. I thought they were only hiring 3 so I guess they decided to hire more. Congrats! and I'll see you at orientation.
  4. dylansmom7 - I have a BSN. Are you working at UCI or somewhere else? It is really hard to get a job right now so try and get as much related experience (cna is good) and certifications related to your area of interest as possible. Make use of your connections at your current job and make sure they know that you are interested in an RN position. Good luck and don't give up even if it takes a while. nursenursingnursed - They post new grad positions on an ongoing basis so keep checking the website and look for "Clinical Nurse 1" positions.
  5. Congrats nursemurf8! I think they only hired three of us so it looks like you and I and lehcynRN. YAY!!! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and starting at UCI!
  6. dreyrn, As far as I know UCI has hired everyone that they are going to hire for med/surg and ob at this time. If it doesn't happen this time keep trying and get as many certifications and related experience while you job hunt so you can to keep strengthening your resume.
  7. lehcynRN, Looking forward to meeting you and working together!
  8. Congrats to everyone ! I just got hired at UCI as a new grad in OB (I believe they hired 3 of us) so I will probably see you guys for orientation. YAY! so excited to start my career at UCI! :w00t:
  9. ocmama

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    You can try, but the word I got was if you graduated more than a year ago you are not considered a new grad and will not be considered. I made it past the first interview and was recommended to go on to the final panel interview only to be told that I was not eligible due to my grad date. There is also a RN transition program starting in LA that you may want to look into. I think you have to have graduated within 18 months. Just google it. Good luck
  10. ocmama

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    Does anyone know if they hired a new grad in L&D for the Versant program?
  11. Is working in a LTACH good experience for eventually working in a regular hospital? Also, will this "count" as my one year of experience in an acute care setting? Anyone else go this route? If so what was your experience? Thanks
  12. ocmama

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    Congrats guys! So good to hear about people finding jobs out there. Best of luck in your careers :)
  13. ocmama

    Is this legal?

    So what is a stale grad to do with no experience? I have my own plans, but I know that I am not the only one in this predicament.
  14. ocmama

    Is this legal?

    I applied to a new grad program near where I live in CA and I was called in for the first round of interviews (screening interview) and it went well and I was expecting to go on to the final panel interview only to get a call from the recruiter saying that I did an excellent job and I had been recommended to go on to the panel interview but the hospital had said no due to my grad date being over a year ago (the recruiter already knew about my grad date and had still recommended me). I also took a refresher course which was really expensive and time consuming and apparently does not count . My husband (also a nurse) mentioned my situation to some coworkers and they were shocked and asked if that was even legal to deny me a chance at the panel interview if I had the qualifications and had been recommended by the nurse recruiter. Not sure what to do in this situation.
  15. ocmama

    Grace and Love

    Well my morning cup of tea just turned into a morning cup of tears, but thank you for sharing that! I am moved by Grace's dignity, humor and determination and also by your compassion and respect for her. She was lucky that you came into her life and could really be there for her.
  16. ocmama

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    Thanks guys! I guess the moral of this story is don't get knocked up until you are secure in your career I am pursuing becoming a lactation consultant since my grad date is always going to be an issue and I hope to eventually become an L&D nurse through connections that I make as an IBCLC. TeleNurse22, lol- thanks, but telemetry is not my thing (my husband is a telemetry nurse at UCI) Good luck with your other interviews. I hope you get your first choice :)