"List of prohibited substances"


Can someone please provide a list if drugs/household substances/etc. which cannot be used by people while on monitoring?

I honestly tried search, found nothing.

I am not in any trouble :) Just had a recent talk with research group which works on new drug delivery systems based on polyglycol films. I mentioned that such films can, in theory, give false positives for ETOH and they got very interested.

Thank you!

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Go to TPAPN website. They have a booklet. Talbots is the name of it. It lists everything

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It's something off the "talbotrecovery" or something to that effect. It's like the go to bible for most of these program. Lists everything in categories of A-definitely avoid like rum cake to B-probably ought avoid like certain cold medicines to C-think long and hard about the potential addictive qualities like I can't think of anything off the top of my head to D-probably OK, like saltines and water. I don't know if D is really on there, I just figured a chuckle was in order.

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Be mindful of almost any types of creams, tinctures, pastes, shampoos, toothpaste...just read labels.


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Thank you, everyone!

I spoke with the group again and we discussed the list practically item by item. They were, for the lack of other politically correct words, VERY much surprised. Neither of them ever encountered this perspective. Lots of additional testing for them to do.

I hope it will help to prevent a few nasty surprises down the road.