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Hello everyone!

Ok, so I'm in a bit of a bind. I am less than 2 weeks away from finishing my first travel assignment. 6 more shifts to be exact. I'm having trouble finding another contract. I'm normally a dayshift person. I did nights on this assignment mainly to just get my foot in the door, but I told my recruiter that I do not like to work nights. Nothing against nights, my body and my sleep schedule are just wired for days. I wake up every day at 0530 on the dot weather I'm working or not, so night shift has completely screwed me up. I don't sleep very well during the day (2-3 hours) and I've been sick almost the entire time.

Anyways, I feel as though I'm being pushed into doing more night shift positions by my recruiter even though I have clearly stated that it's just not working for me. I requested to go to Dallas Texas next as i have family in that area and would like to be able to spend some time with them over the summer, however I keep being told that there are only night positions available. I took a look at a few other companies that had some dayshift jobs and mentioned them to my recruiter who immediately said she would look into it for me, only to tell me that the hospitals are not responding/answering the phone.

I'm starting to hit panic level now because I have NEVER not known where my next paycheck is going to come from. I've heard about people who just jump from company to company depending on where they want to go. I was just looking for some advice. Is it worth it? Is there a lot of extra work involved. Do you ever feel bad or as though you're not being loyal to your company? I'm really not sure what my next move needs to be, but I know I need to figure something out fast because I can't afford to not have a paycheck coming in. Thanks a lot!


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I hate to say this, but you have little excuse for not putting away some money, even if you are paying off loans. There are families in this country making a household income of less than half of what we make feeding 6 kids. Just do it, and you will have a lot more flexibility and perhaps even enjoy downtime between assignments.

Often when I come to the end of an assignment, I also don't have a confirmed job. Most of the time, the hospital is very open to extending a few weeks. You are much more productive than a traveler new to the facility would be, and they save on orientation expenses if all assignments are stretched.

You should also be fully signed up with perhaps 5 good agencies to lessen the chances of this happening. Start now!

The evidence is clear that night workers, even those who prefer it, don't enjoy as good health as day workers. You sound extreme (somewhat similar to how I felt the one time I tried nights). Take a perm job in Dallas over a night job. A little secret: there is no such thing as a permanent job!

Finally, you are eligible for unemployment the second your assignment is over. There is one glitch here, your agency might be able to fight it successfully if you decline a night job. I'm not sure about the law on that, you would probably have to get a statement from your physician to have a chance at winning.

This may not be for you, but as an OR nurse, I never have to work nights. So if turns out you like OR (or perhaps dialysis, or case management, or home health etc.), that could be a good alternative specialty.


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I am working on a contract in Fremont CA. And they need day Labor and delivery Nurses. I am 2 weeks from completing my first contract as well. I hope to hear soon if they will extend my contract. I like the hospital and the area. I have found in all the years of planning to start traveling that night shift if where the need is, for most specialties. If m contract is not extending I have other agencies looking since last week. And signed up with a company here in Ca. You have to give yourself all the options you can. And agree with Ned. SAVING.... have to have some.


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I wouldn't feel bad about changing companies. I have worked with three different companies in order to find the position I wanted. Don't be pushed into a job you don't want and if your recruiter isn't listening to your needs I definitely wouldn't feel bad about changing companies. It will involve a little more paperwork than if you had stayed with your current company but in my opinion it's with it.


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When I started traveling 1.5 years ago, I bought and read several books about it, as well as these types of forums. I recommend you do the same. If you scan all of you records into your computer, it's not so hard to register with another company or 3. I am currently registered with 3 companies, getting ready for a 4th. I have worked with 2/3 companies thus far. Definitely enjoying the one I am with and my recruiter. I agree with those people saying AMN was poo poo. I worked for a daughter company to them and they definitely try to keep as much of your money as they can. My individual recruiter was good there, but the admins do not let them pay their nurses very well. THat said, I think they could have done more for me if they had wanted.

If you want to know the current company I am with and my recruiter's name let me know. The only reason I am going to register with another company are choices of location and their loyalty program. I am thinking of going to less usual places i.e. HI, Virgin Islands and Alaska, Washington state and Oregon etc.

About TX travel contracts, haven't gotten one yet, but have been called a few times after I accepted something else. TX hospitals are notoriously slow at processing traveler files. I have gotten interviews with FT Worth and Houston. Personally, I think you should scrap the idea of spending the summer with family in TX until you get a few more contracts under your belt. If you have been sick a lot, that doesn't bode well for your reference you will get I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not like my recommendation. That is to take any contract anywhere on day shift just to get one or two good references under your belt from prior contracts. Once you get a few, all they will want to know is where you have traveled and references. And they WILL check those references.

I hope this helps PM or email me if you need any other info.


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Why do you guys wait so long to try to get another contract. Your recruiter should be looking for another contract for you at least 1.5 - 2 months before you end your contract. If they don't extend your contract after 1 month into a 13 week contract, you should tell your recruiter to start looking. And when you do, you tell your recruiter where and what you want to do. Give several locations. If you are tied to a location, you will have to take what you can get. Also give your recruiter what your priorities are. If location is your top priority, or shift or pay. It usually takes at least a month to get another contract. When I have 3 weeks left, I start to get antsy.

If your recruiter is worth their salt, they will want to do what they can to make you happy. AND they will be honest with you!!!:yes:

Message me if you have questions.


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When I traveled I found that facilities were not putting their orders in for travelers more than 6 weeks in advance therefore I would be working my last week and not have a contract lined up until the last minute. I learned to go with it as that is one thing that travel nursing will do for your personality, but ultimately stopped traveling because I needed a break from living that far on the edge. I stopped traveling last year. I didn't work with more than 1 company because I was too lazy to do all that paperwork and I also really loved my recruiter. I also found that all my facilities were willing to give me a contract extension if I needed it while looking for another assignment. I actually never had a facility that wasn't willing to do that for me, which is why it is important to work super hard and build a good repoire with your manager and the staff.


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karma765, I would like to know the name of your recruiter and agency, but I can't private message.


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If you are looking for a travel job in Dallas I recommend applying with Parallon. Parallon is a company that specifically staffs HCA hospitals and they will be able to offer you the highest pay rate for their facilities. There are a ton of HCA facilities in TX and Dallas specifically. I have also been very happy with my recruiter and my experience with Parallon. I have been traveling for 8 months now and I think it is a good idea to work with about 5 companies so then you have multiple job opportunities. But I understand about wanting to work day shift. Good luck


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Just as a heads up, HCA owns Parallon. They don't always pay the best at HCA hospitals paradoxically, it depends on specific needs. Nor will you have someone between you and management if you have an issue. But if you want first crack at an HCA job, Parallon is the way to go.