"B" in A&P 1 and a "C" in A&P 2....


I'm a student at Lonestar College in Texas and I'm just wondering if I even have a shot of getting accepted to a RN program. Should I retake A&P 2?? I'm prior military, have a BA (but a 2.5 average) and my current gpa is 2.0 at this college because I didn't drop a course ten years ago I thought I had a "W" in. How can I repair my GPA at this point if I have almost 130 credits? Any advice? Has anyone on this forum gotten accepted to lone star with a "C" in one of the A&P courses?


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It's hard to say, is there a minimum grade requirement for your prereq classes? None of my schools accepted anything below a 3.0. Regardless, if I were you, I would retake A&P II. Personally If I received a C, I would want to go back and make sure I learned the material. A&P is important.

Can you retake the course you failed because you thought you got a W? That would help! Along with retaking A&p2 as well as other courses you didn't do well. Remember, just because a college site lists its minimum requirements, doesn't mean that's who they accept. Yes, if no one else applied and you had a 2.5 you'd be in, but they are more likely to take the student who has a 3.7. Good luck!

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First, I would petition if you can retake the class you got a C in. I would have done that myself if I hadn't gotten in my program (I had a B in Micro and Anat, but a C in Physio).

Tbh and let you know now, you're going to have a tough time getting into a program that is point based/gpa based (which are at most CC afaik). I barely made the cute to even apply with my grades at my CC, but my program was lottery based so I got in (I lucked in I guess since after I got in they switched to the point system. However, I don't know how priority works with so you might even get in first thing mainly because your prior military (hopefully!). Good luck!


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When I first took AP 1 and 2 lectures, I got the same as you and B and C. Long story short I retook the AP2 and got an A. It will definitely improve your chances.


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I go to Lone Star as well. Are you trying to get into their nursing program or a BSN program? If you are trying for theirs then I would suggest retaking the class because they go off a point system and I'm pretty sure they simply take the highest grade. They usually have information sessions where you can ask them questions like that or go to their advisers. Some really are not that great and will say anything to get the school more money but some can be really helpful. I am trying for UT Houston but i went with my friend to the info session for Lone Star's program and they gave a lot of good advice. Also I don't know what campus you are at but the lady who does the info sessions, her office is located in building B at the Montgomery location. When i had a question they just sent me there. Hope all this helps!

Some colleges will allow you to erase a grade and do it over... I would also retake A&P2 and work hard for an "A".