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I have been grappling with this question from day one. Can I really be a nurse? I am 35 years old and I am finished all my nursing prerequisites. I have applied to the RN program 3 times and have gotten declined 3 times. My school works on the "priority point" system and since I earned B's in A&P I and II and have a GPA of 3.2, I am not getting in. I am 1 priority point shy (after they raised the points this semester because of the number of applicants.) Why don't I apply to another school you ask? I cannot apply to another school because my A&P's are 10 plus years old and this is the ONLY school in the area that will accept them without having to take them over. I am thinking of doing the LVN program in January but I have mixed feelings about it. We plan on moving back to the northeast in 2 years so I was thinking of re-taking A&P this semester that starting the LVN program in January. This way, when we move I can do the bridge program and my A&P's will be up to date. Can you see how it is a mess?

Another thing that makes me think maybe I should give up on nursing is my personality. I am a very empathetic person(which made me want to do nursing in the first place), however, I am an introvert with a touch of social anxiety and being around people too long sucks the life out of me. I socialize and have friends but I am a real shy and reserved person and not too talkative. I am really struggling this because I have been pursuing this on and off for years now but for some reason I am thinking I should pick a career where I can be tucked away in an office. So confused. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Is there something else that you could go into that would use what you already have, like

US tech, or rad tech, or RT?

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Hi Leesaw73,

I had the same feelings when I first studying my pre-requiste classes. I got C and Bs for my A&P and I even questioned myself whether I was a suitable candidate for nursing. However, I believed that helping people's my passion and I had faith in myself that I could change people's lives. So after I completed my pre-requiste, I went to a private school in Nevada. During my interviews, I told my professors that if they give me a chance, I could show them that I'm passionate in nursing and I believe that I'll do well in school. So they accepted me ! Finally, I graduated from nursing school with over 3.6 GPA.

I considered myself as a shy person but I always get positive feedbacks from the patients.

The moral of my story is that it's always difficult at the beginning. But if you're truly passionate in nursing, please don't give up. If I were you, I'll take the A&P again and apply to many other schools (even private schools).

Good luck with everything :)



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Why not take them over?

If they are 10 years old and are B's, you'd have a lot better chance of getting in somewhere (or a lot of somewheres) else if you'd retake the courses.


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I don't understand why you didn't retake A&P after you got turned down the first time. The competition isn't going to just step aside for you because you're older.:bugeyes:


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I can completely relate to you. I am 28 years old and nursing is my second career path, and I sometimes STILL question if this is the right path for me. I too, am very shy, and sometimes feel anxiety around a lot of people (I am INFP for those familiar with Meyer's Briggs personality tests). But....I haven't taken my prereqs for RN yet, and not really looking forward to going BACK to school for that and THEN trying to get into an RN program. But, I'm trying to take on a more practical outlook in life (I'm a big dreamer and tend to get "lost" in my dreams about life/career, etc.). I am very empathetic towards people as well, which is why I thought nursing would be perfect for me. I've been doing private duty nursing for the last 9 months or so...maybe check into that? You would be one on one with the client and if you do it in a school setting you can switch cases from year to year. Just my 2 cents and letting you know what's worked for me so far w/ my personality type.

In the long run, I'm looking forward to having more doors open to me w/ my RN, and then later on going for my masters in Art Therapy (again, helping people, but not as stressful). So hope this is some encouragement for you. It's frustrating, I know.

Keep us posted on how it turns out!


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Take the classes over to get in. I applied to several schools and got turned down with a GPA of 3.5. Got in a LPN program. Completed that in 1 yr. Enrolled in Excelsior College ADN online program and got my RN within the year. If you really want it, do whatever it takes to get it.

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I am shy and reserved too, and this has not been a problem.

I think this is because, in a job situation, my role and interactions are well defined. A working relationship with patients comes easier to my introverted self than meet-and-greet/chat parties.


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I, too, consider myself rather shy and definetely an introvert, but that doesn't really make any difference at work. I just get sometimes anxious when there are too many family members in the patient's room, and they all watch me. If I were you, I would look into other related health professions ( radiology tech, respiratory itp), they are much less stressful and pay very well. A lot of my coworkers - nurses wish they picked another career, which is sad. Nursing is extremely stressful job that's hard to explain to people who have never worked as a nurse. Please make a wise choice for yourself, just know, that there is a reason why we have shortage of nurses ( because most of them quit and switched to other careers).

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