Quit nursing after 10 years?


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Hello fellow nurses,

I am struggling with wanting to still be a nurse after 10 years. ( sorry if this is a bit long) I do not have the least desire to go out and apply for any nursing job and I almost feel a bit irritable when I am interviewing like what do you want me to do now etc? I cant work weekends... I don't want to do nights. I am struggling because I never questioned going into nursing, for me it was the natural thing to do. I am naturally very compassionate and overly sensitive person. It made me an exceptional nurse to many for quite a while because I can literally feel other peoples pain etc and empathize with them. I don't think it is compassion fatigue because I don't feel in the least bit irritable about being with my patients. In fact that is the one thing that I do love.

I have always been a people person, but again I am very sensitive. I went from pediatric hospital for approx 1 yr neuro. then tried home health for 7 yrs and enjoyed it most of the time. Doctors office for a year (which was traumatic), adolescent rehab center for approx 1 yr (which was ok) I am not good at being in and around alot of people unless they are very nice people, but usually there is that one person in the group that is overly critical or rude and it ruins the vibe for me and I seriously don't want to be around the place anymore. I know that sounds extreme. Believe me I get it! most people just suck it up and I am not sure why I cannot do the same. I used to do it for years.

My strong points are I adapt well to change, I am compassionate, versatile, organized, loyal to a company and co-workers who are good to me, I am friendly unless of course.. they are rude, I am always on time, I pick up things quickly, I am highly empathic and empathetic to the point of it being a downfall.

My weaknesses- I am physically unable to be around people I do not like for long periods of time, makes me very uncomfortable. I am obviously overly sensitive, detail is not my favorite, but when it comes to certain things aka life threatening i can be very detail oriented.

I think I have a very very low tolerance for most Doctors as most of the time they have an air about them of entitlement and in my experience most of them have been very off putting to the whole profession. I have liked 1 md out of every 20. And when I say like, they are not incredibly rude and egotistical. I am not trying to be a drama queen here, I was just wondering if anybody has any advice. Has anybody come across this in their career and was able to just change directions and all was ok? I am feeling very much over it:( Thanks for listening to my ramblings and any GOOD advice would be great! Thanks all you nurses out there....

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Just remember that people can't read your mind. What you're sensitive about may be absolutely nothing to another person. When you hear something "offensive", step back and ask yourself if it was intentional. Most of the time, it's not. You probably offend some people without realizing it, too.

I would also keep in mind that these people you don't like leave the hospital and clinic and venture out into the big, bad world. Leaving one job (or trade) for another will not get rid of them. People who work in fast food and retail encounter just as many "undesirables" ...they just get paid a lot less for dealing with them.


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Every department in Nursing will have someone that you do not like. Such is life.

I work in surgical services and the doctors I come in contact with most are anesthesiologists. I must say, we (nurses) have a great working relationship with the doctors. Mutual respect, patient focused care, and friendly conversations are part of our everyday work flow. Perhaps you need a change but it may not be leaving nursing. Think about it.

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You have a problem being around people. If you quit nursing... what would you do that does not involve being around people?

I work from home, I do have to talk on the phone often, but I am not in the same room with people. You might want to scope that out.


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Counseling and Therapy? Critical assessment of your own perspectives on others and restructuring your self fulfilling prophecies that you can't be around people you don't like. As others have said, every job has this and the majority of time people are unhappy with a job is not because the job itself, but rather due to the working environment and a co-worker, boss problem etc. Maybe insurance side of it or case management where you are basically on your own all day. The person you don't like may think everything is good and have no ill will towards you. Have you addressed the issues with the person's in question directly? If not, why not?