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  1. And as a side note...a 14 gauge IV? Must be the size of a garden hose! Ouch!
  2. Collor

    Best route to PACU/Outpatient Work

    Also consider day surgery in the hospital. Our hospital day surgery unit is Mon-Fri. No weekends, no holidays, no on-call.
  3. Collor

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    I found that working was way better than being in nursing school. I felt like I was really learning (on the job) and receiving a paycheck felt pretty darn good.Not once did I wish I was back in school!
  4. Collor

    Schools that DO accept WGU credits/transfers

    I competed my BSN with a 3.3 GPA and I have a MSN from WGU. I applied to Gonzaga's post master cert for FNP. They waive the MAT and/or GRE if you have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Well they received my transcripts..and they are requiring a MAT or GRE score. I have not taken either of these exams. They are currently stating that since WGU does not have a GPA, I have to take one of the standardized tests. I am pleading my case that I had to receive at least a 3.0 to pass all the courses. Frustrating.
  5. Curious about Drexel's online Post Masters Certificate (either FNP or Adult Primary Care). How are the online courses? Did they require much group work? Any insight is welcomed!
  6. Collor

    Reputation of Maryville University NP program

    I am wondering these same questions as well. I have been accepted and joined a few of the Maryville Facebook communities--which if I am being honest is making me nervous. Sounds like some of the assignments are really time consuming and that takes away from time that could be spent learning and studying the material. There also seems to be a quite a difference in organization of assignments based not the prof you are assigned....
  7. Collor

    Experienced NP seeking Derm Job

    As part of the training I could see them asking you to shadow an MA for a day since you will most likely be working side-by-side with them (paid at an NP rate). This may give you insight on their day-to-day responsibilities. Having said that, please do not work as an MA or work for $25.00/hr--both are ridiculous and you are worth a real NP salary.
  8. Collor

    Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

    I am in the process of applying to Maryville.
  9. Collor

    Moving to Portland, need advice/help!

    I would say yes...however, Portland is having an explosion of construction/building. Prices are soaring for rents and buying homes.
  10. Collor

    Feeling unprepared for my NCLEX next week!

    It has been a really long time since I've taken my boards but I remember feeling the same way. I passed all the pre-tests but still felt like I didn't know everything. I took the boards feeling unprepared and had 75 questions. Although I was not super confident I passed, I was super confident that I knew more than I didn't. Ended up passing on the first try. The boards were really knowing how to answer questions. I would say keep doing practice questions until you are sick of doing them--
  11. Collor

    Come On People, How Stupid Are You??

    Is it possible the nurse documented "not given" because 158 didn't need to be treated? I know I have documented "held" when patient had a BP of 161/88 and I didn't give IV BP med that had a parameter of SBP greater than 160.
  12. Collor

    Moving to Portland, need advice/help!

    I work for Legacy, but Providence, OHSU and Kaiser are also great health systems. The word on the street is Kaiser has awesome benefits. We lost a few great nurses to Kaiser.
  13. Collor

    Quit nursing after 10 years?

    Every department in Nursing will have someone that you do not like. Such is life. I work in surgical services and the doctors I come in contact with most are anesthesiologists. I must say, we (nurses) have a great working relationship with the doctors. Mutual respect, patient focused care, and friendly conversations are part of our everyday work flow. Perhaps you need a change but it may not be leaving nursing. Think about it.
  14. Collor

    critical care experience

    Titrating drips, experience with intubated/vented patients, dealing with unstable vitals and interventions....the list goes on and on....
  15. I had a clinical instructor that was HORRID. She would degrade doctors--but not to their face! Only to the nursing students during class time. It was ridiculous. She also had her "favorite" student nurses. Again--it was obvious and annoying. She would not teach but rather use class time to talk about her experiences when she was a nurse (and ample time to degrade the doctors she use to work with). She would tear apart nursing care plans of the students she didn't like--in front of the entire clinical group. I was in the "not favorite group" and was nervous about even passing clinical because she always found something to criticize. She especially loved ripping apart my care plans. In all honestly, I felt like my care plans were actually quite good...but not according to her. Well I passed. And then...got her again for my next clinical rotation! Ugh...I went into the clinical dreading the thought of having to deal with her yet again. To my surprise, she kinda changed her tune about me. Quickly I became one of her favorites (not sure how that happened). She would use my care plans as examples to follow. (truth be told, I re-used some of my care plans from the previous term..the same ones she tore apart were now considered excellent). She still degraded doctors and spoke poorly of other medical staff but I was no longer dreading clinical. My advice, put 100% into your work and you will come out on top.
  16. Collor

    2 nursing interviews.... HELP!

    How did the NICU interview go?