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Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

hi fellow nurses. i applied in qmmc in project 4, qc for the nurse trainee position. i was scheduled for the exam on april 13, 2010. i just want to ask you guys who have taken the exams before in qmmc on what i should be reviewing? do you have any tips on what i should read or review?! please, any help/tips would be appreciated. thanks and God bless you all.


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its more on basic nursing knowledge.. computations and chartings..... they have identification and true or false type of questions. they use the result of exam for evalutation ( i guess?) and not for screening applicants for their training. that's all I can share with you.:D

its more on basic nursing knowledge.. computations and chartings..... they have identification and true or false type of questions. they use the result of exam for evalutation ( i guess?) and not for screening applicants for their training. that's all I can share with you.:D

wow. they have identification and true or false questions?! thanks. when did you took the exam btw. i better start reading and reviewing then. were you trained there? thanks again...


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I took exam on the last week of january and i'm currently training there right now. My training started this 1st week of month. Goodluck! :D

thanks for the tip. goodluck to you too and God bless

what are the requirements? and how much do i have to pay?thanx

the usual, photocopy of tor, diploma, nbi, a letter of intent addressed to angeles t. de leon (medical center chief II), a 2x2 photo(which you will attach to the application form which will be given to you at the "special concerns department"), updated resume. they only accept applications every tuesdays and fridays from 1pm to 4pm. they are very strict with that. you dont have to pay anything when you go there. they will just schedule you for an exam. my exam date is on april 13. so i still have alot of time for reading and reviewing. good luck


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@ tron22: how long is the training? and after the training what happens to the trainee? does he/she becomes a staff nurse?


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the training is for 2 mos. only in their general ward. 3 days in a week. you'll pay them 1,ooo/month. After 2 weeks of training, they'll give you full responsiblity to your patient. charting (I&O, IV sheet, med sheet, others) preparing and giving meds, bedside care, ff ups, endorsements etc like a true staff. Don't hesitate to ask if you're in doubt, that's free. hehe! after 2 mos. you can extend depeding on your performance for 4 mos. in special areas (MICU, SICU, NICU, OR, ER, DR, RR etc.). After that, they will call you if their in need of nurses. There's a new building called Neuroscience building and they might hire some nurses. The only problem is...... there's a lot of trainees waiting to be called........ =) meaning it's not a guarantee to have a slot. :crying2: For the training, you'll learn a lot from them..:D

hi can i ask for a direction. or how can i get there coming from mrt north ave station. thanks in advance:yeah:

if you are taking the mrt, drop off at cubao stn, then ride a jeepney in aurora (the ones going to marikina). a lift at jp rizal street. you cant miss it because on that street is a gas station, im not sure if its petron or caltex, and across jp rizal along aurora is the ACSAT shool or building. in the gas stn, there you will see jeepneys parked. thats the jeepney you have to ride to get to qmmc. hope this helps

went there last friday and was scheduled for april 27th ouch. haha. that's too long but what can i do. do they really give exams for screening? i mean they'll be earning 1k a month. just curious.

Hi I was scheduled for and exam this March 9, but I'm going to Cebu on March 10,11 and 12. When do they usually set the orientation date is it 3 days after the exam? or a week after? Do they have a no orientation no duty policy? After the orientation does the duty start already? Do you think they would be lenient enough to let me reschedule my orientation if it hits the date that I'm in Cebu? I really need to know guys please help me, because I need to know so I can reschedule my flight. :confused:

After the orientation does the duty start already? and does anyone know a dorm/ room for rent or apartment near QMMC? Please do let me know. thanks everyone :nurse:

Hi I would just like to ask how many days after the exam will the orientation be scheduled? I'm supposed to take the exam on March 9 but I have to go to Cebu on March 10-12.. Is the orientation scheduled 3 days after the exam or about a week after? please help me!


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Hi. I'm part of their PNTP for March-April 2010, but I decided not to continue it at the moment but we were told just to go back whenever we would like to. I already took the exam and the orientation, I also have the pledge and the DTR with me.

As for my application experience, February 23 was the exam date, orientation day happened last March 3, deployment will be on March 11, 2010. The batch I am actually in is for Thurday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday group (only 4 days a week).

I think you need to attend the orientation because you will know what area you will be rotated, who are your groupmates, who will be your clinical manager and other policies.


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After your exam they will tell to you about the schedule of your orientation. Usually a week after the exam. Orientation is very important you know that. And they'll give your respected area and time schedule during your orientation so you must attend to it.

thank you very much for your reply :)

and are there any dorm/ apartments /room for rents near the area that you know of? Thanks guys :)

and I would also like to ask is the exam difficult? and is there only 1 exam? kindly give me some pointers to review. thank you very much =)

hi i just want to ask about QMMC. Im planning to go there on thursday March 11, 2010. When will you think i will be scheduled for the exam?!?

how long will i wait if i ever i already taken their exam to be one of their volunteers?!? thanks

hi you will be scheduled for an exam. 2 monthe s after you have submitted your requirements :)


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