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quickest way to get physical license

HfRn84 HfRn84 (New) New

My license number is posted online but I am waiting for my actual license I am not able to start my new job until I have the license and I'm just trying to find out the quickest way.

If your license number is posted online, you "have" the license. Are you sure NJ is even going to be mailing you a physical license? The trend is toward eliminating physical licenses entirely, and many states have already done so. Regulatory agencies expect healthcare employers to verify licenses on the the BON website, not by photocopying physical licenses. Did someone tell you that you can't start you job until you have a physical license? That doesn't make any sense to me.

Yep doesn't make sense my job didn't care about physical license they wanted it showing online. Otherwise I'd say you get it in about a week from posting

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Per NJ BoN employers must verify all licenses online. There is no mandate to view or copy a paper license. Actually employers are discouraged from making copies of a license as the only accurate verification is online or via Nursys.

It takes 2-4 weeks to receive the paper license due to batching and mailing. They mail out new and renewal licenses in batches.

strawberryluv, BSN, RN

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Yeah, my license is online too and I require a paper license for interview. I have no idea why...I called the NJ BON and the customer rep said that it takes 10 business days from the license # posting online to receive it. In any case, this is just too odd of this particular facility to even ask for a paper license. What difference does it make if its paper or online? Should say the same thing for both...

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Actually online is better as its real time validity. The facility is likely set in old ways, it's acceptable for employers to receive official fax verifications from the BoN or the official online verification (they must subscribe but they will get alerts if a license status changes such as due for renewal or disciplinary actions) from Nursys

I used to work as a hospital surveyor for my state and CMS. This was back in the early 2000s. Even back then, if employee files had a photocopy of the license but no documentation that the employer had checked the BON website, we cited them for not verifying licenses. The standard (the requirement) has been "primary source" (the website) verification for at least 15 yrs now. A lot of places still insist on photocopying the licenses because that's how they've always done things and old habits die hard, but it is legally, administratively meaningless at this point.


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