Quick results finally after 8 days!!!

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  1. How many days did you have "hold results" posted on NCLEX exam?

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      1-2 days
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      3-4 days
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      5-7 days
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      Longer than 1 week

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I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmao::yes::uhoh3::wideyed: :up: :woot::lol2::D:laugh::smug:;) :sarcastic::up::nurse: :geek::bookworm::smokin:

I am so happy for you!!

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Thank you!!!:) I am waiting for my license to post to the Ohio Board of Nursing today so I can find a J-O-B!!! :nurse: I hope you receive your quick results very soon and get the "pass" status that you have been waiting for!!!:up:

Hi RetrieverGirl! Took my exam last saturday August 1st,2014, stopped at 75 but took me over 2 hours to answer those 75 questions. In other words, I meant seriousness with answering each questions. After a few hours, I went home and did the pearsonvue trick, and got a pop up that says similar to what you got... "this test taker results are on hold... no registration can be created at this time".. What does that exactly mean? I know you experienced similar pop-up like I did. I tried the pearsonvue trick again and got similar pop-up message. Do I have to worry? :-)

Really 8 days? Howcome? :coldfeet:

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