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  1. Losiramoon

    Quick results finally after 8 days!!!

    Really 8 days? Howcome?
  2. Losiramoon

    Pearson vue trick, Does it still work?

    And also did anyone receive an email from pearsonvue several hours after examination date. tnx
  3. Losiramoon

    Pearson vue trick, Does it still work?

    anyone there first fail and paid and on the second scoring they still pass? What about the double scoring means? help
  4. Losiramoon

    Took 2nd Test today NCLEX RN

    I took my exam last sept 19-2014, friday. Finished at 12:40 pm. Went home and tried the PVT. Directed me to the cc page. Filled up form, hit the submit without balance in bank. Then a pop up says "your registration is on hold". Then on my phone a confirmation from the bank says your "transaction with pearson vue blah blah blah...insufficient fund". But my status was still Results not yet available. I felt horrible. Tried it again next day. went to the cc page again filled up form, hit submit a "Your payment was declined, choose another card". Why did pearsonvue tried to take the money, while my status was "result not yet available". Then the next day i kept on checking, still the same thing. Until 10:00 pm the result was available. Tried the quick result, thought i still have at least the amount for quick result. they an ALERT sign pop up that " YOU CANNOT SIGN-IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT. PLS. CONTACT US TO REMOVE RESTRICTION." has anyone encountered this problem. Now it's a monday 8 pm still can't contact pearson. Anyone out there pls reply me. tnxxx :)
  5. Losiramoon

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    Now after 48 hrs of waiting, signing in to pearson vue to get quick result, it displayed "you cannot sign in to your account. pls contact us to remove the restriction"..ARGGGHHH!!! *** is happening with their system. When checking yesterday I entered my cc with an insufficient fund, then decline. Was that maybe the reason??? OMG ...lol
  6. Losiramoon

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    I took the nclex friday sept. 19, 2014, at first i received the cc page. So i know i failed. Nearly i read comments that the PVT system has changed. It will direct you to the cc page at once. Then need to fill up payment form then hit submit. That's the time you'll expect a bad or good pop up. So i did it, but with a credit card with insufficient fund. At first try for me i received first "your registration is on hold..." After few hours i checked it again, receive the message.."your payment was decline.." but i did PVT with my status...result not yet available...should i wait for it to be "delivery successful before trying the PVT? PLS HELP..& also i got 75 Q. i started 11 am - 12:30 on sept. 19 friday...now its sept. 21 sunday 7pm, still my status is result not yet available. At 9:52 pm last friday i received an email from Pearsonvue , feeling they need me to re register??? ..can anyone help me about this. tnx advance