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Hello All:

I"m current a RN in Iowa, I need to move to Florida due to continue education

how do I transfer my Iowa nursing license to Florida?

since Florida is compact state, will it makes easier to transfer ?

All the information and forms you need should be on the Florida BON website. Have you looked there?

As far as I know, you are good to go. With this new compact stuff I worked in Florida with my Idaho license. You dont even need to get your FL license as far as I know, at least until you move there...then I think you have to. Check out the compact website.

I moved to florida a months ago

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Then just check out the BON website for endorsing license.

Why would the Florida BON web site not be the FIRST PLACE you checked???

i did, wasnt sure if i need to apply for mutistate license or just florida license, i thought move from compact state, transfer license will be easier, which the florida BON endorsement application ask to have finger print , background check etc...

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

My understanding is one you move and permanent address changes then endorsing is just single

Since you have a Iowa multi state license, you can work anywhere within the compact states... BUT since you have changed your primary residency to FL, you still have to go though all the hoops to get your FL license. Thats how it works

thanks very much, that answers my question

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