are the questions similar on the 2nd time taking nclex


I failed nclex the first time around any who had taken it a second time is it titally different or are their similar questions as the 1st time?


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The questions are computer chosen at random from the test bank based upon your performance. There are no comparisons to your first test. As with the first test, you need to concentrate on learning the material so that you are capable of answering a multitude of questions over the test areas.

Thanks alot, Ive been going cray trying to begin to start studying again. My brain is boggeled I recieved my results and because I ran ot of time I had no score all my items said near passing but that really doesnt help me because I dont remember most of all 265 questions and the ones I do i dont know if I answered them right or wrong. thats why I was asking if any one had any of the same questions the second time around or same categories, ifection control, endocrine because How do you know if you even got them right in the forst nclex let lone see them on the second time around...So confused and tired......thanks God bless


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i have taken the nclex twice, both times got all 265. both times i took it the questions were completely different. i took the passing standard from both and used that as a basis of where im studying for my next, and hopefully final testing next week.


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The questions are different BUT remember that many people here talked about Infections control, endocrine ,lab ,pharmacology etc... are been in the questions lately. I took the test 3 times and all the time I had these topics. Less of ped amd maternity, many SATA. Good luck on your test. Go to the test like you are going to take it for the first time.

Thanks all, yeah I took it in october 2009 adn had alot of meds, endocrine like you said . Going ot take it again in feb 2010. thanks for every ones post they really help. I had near passing on all sections so I wasnt really sure which ones i got wrong and were ones I thought I got right really right. Any suggestions from someonw who took it for the 2nd time