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  1. sweet2heart009

    RNQuiz.com, anyone using this site?

    I used RNquiz.com and i liked the content part, but I felt like the quizzes and the exams did not resemble the NCLEX at all. I felt like it was just reviewed the information learned in nursing school, but did not help learn what was needed to prioritize and delegate and such. I paid for it and copy and pasted all the info and printed it out so i didn't have to stare at the computer all the time. It is a good review to keep for the future. I used http://www.vipramed.com/vm/main/login.asp also, which was A LOT like what i got on my NCLEX-RN exam. It is a little pricy, but i believe that was the reason i passed. Good luck :)
  2. sweet2heart009

    Failed NCLEX RN

    thanks!!! good luck to you!
  3. sweet2heart009

    Failed NCLEX RN

    nthomp14, just found out this morning, i passed!!!!! before doing that website i posted i was doing horrible on questions. i felt a lot more confident practicing with the questions, which there was over 4,000 questions to practice with. i believe i did just about all 4,000 of them. i felt more confident going into the test practicing with those than i did the last 2 times. although ppl say not to, i practiced the night before with taking 75 questions to make sure i could sit still long enough. third time was a charm, and what a great day to find out the same day my best friend got married :) :) good luck!!
  4. sweet2heart009

    Urgent need of help

    good news!!!! found out this morning i passed!!! :) :) :) :)
  5. sweet2heart009

    I just took the NCLEX-RN today and i am freaking out!!!

    i took my NCLEX-RN this morning too. I got the "GOOD" pop up as well. it's killing me not being able to know right away. i keep checking the website to see if results are available KNOWING they aren't. im going crazy!!!
  6. sweet2heart009

    I PASSED!!!!

  7. sweet2heart009

    took NCLEX-RN this morning

    Took NCLEX-RN this morning. Computer shut down at 84 questions. Tried the Pearson Vue trick when i got home, and i put in all the information needed to schedule a test and got a pop up saying that i could not schedule another test. Is that a good sign? or did i get on to try to reschedule too early???
  8. sweet2heart009

    Failed NCLEX RN

    I feel the same way you do. I have taken my NCLEX-RN 2 times already and failed both times and got all 265 questions. I am to retake it tomorrow morning, and im scared. I feel as if i know the content and im very comfortable with it. My main focus this time around for studying was just going over and over questions that tell u the rationale right after you answer it. that way, you can concentrate on the problem and see what you did wrong. Most of them i saw i was reading the wrong way. try slowing down ur pace at reading and then re-read the question after you have read the answers. here is the website i used for practicing taking the questions. it does cost money, but $50 for one month is worth it to me if it's going to help me practice. http://www.vipramed.com/vm/main/login.asp good luck. hope this helps!
  9. sweet2heart009

    Need help with creating a study schedule

    hey, apparently i can't email on here. I used a basic NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN Kaplan test prep book. The RN book helped me more than the PN book. I took my exam a few months after graduating from my LPN program and while I was in the RN program, so some of the stuff that was on my NCLEX-PN i learned in the RN program before I went to take the test. I just knew the material very well and felt at ease when i was in the testing center and when i got out. hope this helps.
  10. sweet2heart009

    i will be taking NCLEX RN on Jan 21st

    i feel the same way you do. i take my exam jan 21st too. i am soooo nervous and anxious right now. i feel like i dont know anything either!! good luck!
  11. sweet2heart009

    Urgent need of help

    I take my NCLEX-RN in less than 48 hours. I have been studying non-stop for the past 2 weeks except working 2 overnight shifts. I passed the NCLEX-PN with no problem, but this is my third time taking the RN. I have been taking practice question and get atleast 50% of them right. The website I have been using just gives a percentage of what i got right, so how do i know if i'll pass or not being the NCLEX is not based on percentage right? Any advice?
  12. sweet2heart009

    Salisbury University 2nd Degree BSN

    i currently go to SU. I got my ADN degree from Wor-Wic and am going for my bachelors, which is kind of like the 2nd degree program. i love the instructors so far. They are always willing to help and answer your emails very quickly. Karen Badros is an excellent instructor and she knows what she's talking about. I just started taking the "nursing classes" portion in fall 09, got 2 semesters left. So far, i feel like i have learned more in 1 semester through the health assessment than i did at wor-wic for assessment.
  13. sweet2heart009

    are the questions similar on the 2nd time taking nclex

    i have taken the nclex twice, both times got all 265. both times i took it the questions were completely different. i took the passing standard from both and used that as a basis of where im studying for my next, and hopefully final testing next week.
  14. sweet2heart009

    Starting to get very frustrated.

    I have been studying for the NCLEX-RN for a while now. I graduated in August 2008 from nursing school at a community college. I took my NCLEX the first time that September, and then took them again around May 09 and failed both times. I got all 265 questions both times. I am scared to take the test again. I have my LPN license, but I want to continue my education and eventually get my BS in nursing. I have been continuing in school to complete it and taking RN classes, but so far doesn't seem to be boosting my confidence. I am scheduled to take it again next week, January 21st. I keep studying and taking practice tests. I am getting really frustrated because when going over the material I feel like I know the information but then when I take the practice tests, I don't get a score I think I should get. Anyone have any suggestions?