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I'm a may 2012 new rn grad in california. As everyone knows the job market is not productive for a new rn grad here. I have considered relocating to texas if I am able to secure a RN position there. Because I have 2 young children and a husband I was wondering what areas are best to start searching for work?

For those of you that have relocated, did you apply for your endorsement license prior to finding work or after? Which hospitals have you been hired at recently?

Because I don't know anything about the areas in texas it makes the search tough. I first need to find what cities would be good for my girls and then search the hospitals within driving distance. If any of you can give me any information on these areas or where to find such info I would appreciate it!!

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There's just no way that we AN-ers can provide any meaningful input since we don't know what types of living environment you would consider to be "good for my girls". You'd have to provide more information in order to get more feedback. What type of geography do you prefer- desert? trees? coastal? Urban? Rural? Do you have any strong feelings about diversity? What type of work will your husband be looking for? -- stuff like that.

Keep in mind that major urban areas are pretty well maxxed out with local grads so you should probably look into smaller cities or rural areas.

By all means, make sure you have a TX license in hand before you interview. Recruiters are inundated with applicants, and they won't waste time waiting around for you to become eligible for hire, no matter how well you interview.

Just moved to the Houston area from Florida as a new BSN grad. Only advice I can give is don't move to Houston!!! I have been working as an ORT for years and thought I would have an advantage to work as an OR Nurse.....No such luck!! I'm on 2 months and still searching for ANY position at this point! It's very frustrating....

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Major Texas cities are saturated and I continue to marvel that anyone would move without a job lined up in this economy. Do your homework. Look at the Texas/Mexico border and base your decision to move on whether or not you have a firm job offer in hand before you start looking at schools, neighborhoods and the like. Texas is a tough market in the major cities.

Thanks for your replies. Definetly wouldn't move unless all paperwork was done and job start date was in hand. I'm sure the job market nationwide is tough for new grads, I was just looking for some feedback on those who have done it and see if they would have made the same decision. You always hear from others that other places are hiring left and right, so it's tempting to go for it, and sometimes reality is WAY different then the common belief. Staying put for now :). But I really appreciate the feedback!!!

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