questions for my first clinical...


hi... i am a sophomore nursing major and starting my first day of clinicals friday at a nursing home... ahhh!! i got a little slip of paper w/ some information on my patient, and this all made me a bit nervous. it says she uses the hoyer lift. my instructor showed us this briefly in class, but i dont remember how to use it... it says, "2 assist hoyer" not sure if this means 2 people do it, or 2 what? i dont think they'd make me do it alone... atleast i hope not!! i have no idea how to use the thing!

it also says the letter "B" under "day, eve, night" i was wondering if anyone knows what this stands for. and it says "T" under "ADL'S" im not sure what T stands for either. i worked in a nursing home, so i am hoping to feel comfortable, but im still nervous :(