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Hey there,

Just wanted to let everyone know I took my exam and just found out that after 265 questions, more than 4 hours of testing, I walked out of there very upset which I anticipated but thought I just have had to pass. I failed. Yes very devastating and embarrassing as I was suppose to start my new job next week and now I don't know what I'm going to say. In school I was always about average, some classes in the higher end. I took Kaplan to prepare and really loved all the questions I had access too and was doing right about the recommended 60% on my trainers and above 65% on my question bank. I don't know what happened. I really tried to remain calm, took breaks when needed etc. Very frustrating especially because our school has a really high pass rate, and I'm sure I'll be the only one to fail. Definitely hurts the pride as I haven't experienced failing like this before.

But I'm trying to keep my head high and will retest asap and keep a positive attitude.

I wanted to post this because I know there are other people in the exact same boat, and I wanted to let you know you are not alone! When I first found out, I came on here and realized I'm not the only one that has failed.

Anyways, best of luck!


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I'm sorry for your loss, I know it feels like a loss. I don't have any advice, I have not taken the nclex yet just wanted to offer a shoulder. I know the people here are wonderful and they will have lots of advice for you. We had to pass the Hesi in order to graduate and I failed the first time, I felt like someone had died, after all my hard work and this is what I get? nothing? I had to retake it and I passed. So just keep you head up. Its not over!



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Sorry to hear it didn't work out the first time. Just get yourself together and retake it again. Good luck.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I am also preparing for NCLEX using Kaplan, getting the recommended 60% average and this freaks me out! Did your test start off with easy questions and then get harder? Everyone I know who have taken Kaplan has passed.

Is Kaplan willing to refund your money?


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I am sorry for you too. I too am going to take my NCLEX next week. I am in the same boat...Scoring 60% on Kaplan testing and average 58% on question bank. I finished all but about 20 questions in the trainer.

I was an average student and I am dreading this week.

I know a lot of people who failed after taking Kaplan. Anxiety, stress and other factors apply to all test taking. No matter how much you prepare...anxiety is there. Do not give up. Keep studying..Call Kaplan...and RETAKE that test in 45 days! Schedule it right away.

Best of luck...

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hello, sorry 4 the loss, i cant even imagine how hurting is going to be, but u know what, that is not the end of the world, pls pick urself up when u fall down...my advice 4 u is to read all the nclex threads on this website and see what people say about how to prepare 4 the nclex...take a deep breath and be optimistic. i know it hurt but guess what darling you can do it, pray and study.. saunders, exam cram i heard is one of the best to prepare, and be focus. The lord will help us.

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You really have to stop bogging yourself down with TOO much information.

Focus on infection control and those things that WILL make a huge difference if you do them wrong.ie meds and wound care.Priority care is SO important too.

If they give you your license its because they are sure that when they let you loose on the patients it will be so you will do no harm! Think about it you will see what I mean.

Kaplan tells you at the beginning that the NCLEX is given to students as a test to see if you are a safe competent nurse (or something like that) Look at the statement and think.. then you will see... Does it matter if you don't know what some weird disease is ..no not really but it does matter if you give the wrong meds to a patient or if you leave a patient who needs immediate attention and go and do something else.

Remember you cannot know everything

good luck!

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