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Questions enough for NCLEX


I'm preparing to take the NClex in 6 days. I think i did way more than 2,000 questions but i still feel like i may be missing something....everyone i have asked who already took it and took it in the past said just do questions and don't try and study, that you should get all you need from reading the rationales. Can someone help because i feel like i'm getting anxious again. I used Kaplan which i finished all the questions. I used Hurst and Lacharity also...any other suggestions

U use hurst? what score did you get in ur qreview?..

Honestly, your preparation sounds great! I passed with Kaplan, and Lacharity.

Wish you the best of luck....

I did not do the questions yet with hurst .....that the next couple of days....

You should be winding down. Just go and take it. If you really feel unprepared, then consider rescheduling. Good luck.


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Questions are definitely the key to applying the knowledge, you seem to have covered most of your bases with the other resources. I say go for it!

You should be winding down. Just go and take it. If you really feel unprepared, then consider rescheduling. Good luck.

Is there ever a time when you will feel prepared?

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It all depends on the person. Some folks need to practice nothing but questions, some need a strong content review. No one can tell you how you will feel, or should feel, or what YOU need to study. Only you can tell yourself that. Some people say the swear by Kaplan, others say they hate Kaplan. Some love Hurst, others hate it..it really is in your hands and God's hands. Plus your questions won't be what everyone else got...so you might have studied nothing but questions, and you may get nothing but content based NCLEX questions. Or you might have studied nothing but content, and get nothing but priority and pharm questions.

Just sit back and think about what you don't feel comfortable with. You can practice 5000 questions on Neuro, but if you don't know the content..how can you answer an NCLEX neuro question? It won't be any of the questions you've seen before. You might know the rationale for every practice question in the world, but NCLEX has their own questions so it may or may not help.

My 2 cents, the NCLEX really isn't that bad like most say it is. I tested with 3 other classmates and we all got done in about an hour with 75 questions. Only 2 ppl out of 81 in my class failed.


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Study till you feel prepared I studied so hard only using Hurst and all nurse and Passed! by the day before the test I took three of the Q reviews and score on all of the either high 80s or 90s I read the book front to back three times the went back and recovered the info I felt unsure about. Reviewed all my rationals and used the all nurses Random facts to just have something extra for r those random questiions they throw at you. If you truely have studied you'll be fine so breath and do the Q review like they're the real thing and you'll be good!

Best wishes!