Question Trainer Scores... Very Low? Should I reschedule AGAIN?

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Hi guys, I rescheduled my exam once already...

I have really low question trainer scores but when I take tests by topic i GET over 60s...

Here are my scores, I take the exam in 2 weeks time.

QT1: 44

QT2: 32 :(

QT3: 45

QT4: 51.3

QT5: 49.3

Help... please?

I have been doing hurst review content


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I hear a lot of people here say don't focus on scores but in my honest opinion those scores seem very low. Do you feel you're learning & retaining the info or are you just trying to rush & just get everything completed before your test date?


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It doesnt matter really if it is hurst or kaplan. Im taking my test on april 10. I took kaplan and did the qtrainers and qbank and most of my scores are high 50s and low60s. I did listen to their lectures aNd finished them. Heres what i did to increase my knowledge:

- i write down words that i don't understand and look it up on the provided kaplan book or internet.

- i have downloaded an free flashcard nclex application on my smart phone and im telling you that it is very usefull. I use it on my free time.

- i read the kaplan book like 10 times (i think)

- i did the qtrainers again.. I did it to analyze the pattern of question carefully and got scores of high 60 and 70s.

- i also did saunders 4000 for extra knowledge.

- before i take my practice exam i pray pray pray and empty mind so i can concentrate.

the thing is doesn't matter if you took hurst or kaplan, scores, or the hours you study, What matters most is your knowledge.

hopefully i can pass this month of april.. Good luck to you too

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I wouldn't focus so heavily on the scores as they don't indicate whether you'll pass or fail. But if you are reviewing Hurst, may I ask.. are you following it the way they recommended it? Make sure you know your content "without a doubt or hesitation" and can tell it to others around you or at least lecture to it yourself. Knowing your content will definitely help you critically think to answer the questions. Make sure you're also reading the rationales for every question even if you do get it right.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your studying!


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as suggested above. make sure you read the reasons that you are getting them wrong.. is it because you were not sure? or just don't know the content?. those are very important points, that you might need to work on..

I also agree that the scores don't mean that you'll fail, but it does show some lack of knowledge and perhaps some critical thinking.

the thing is doesn't matter if you took hurst or kaplan, scores, or the hours you study, What matters most is your knowledge.

I could have not say it better..


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I graduated 3 yrs from now and i enrolled in kaplan last january im so nervous my nclex is a month from now and wat i got on my exams since i first started kaplan...

DX 48% didnt read any yet just took it so i wud know my strenght and weaknesses

QT 1 = 49% took it january

QT 2 = 62%

QT 3 = 49%

QT 4 = 49%

QT 5 = 62%

QT 6 = 64%

QT 7 = havent taken yet

Readiness = 65% took it march 24

my sked is a month from now...idk if im doing ok.. ?? any advice?

i got dis scores but still i dont feel like im ready... my exam is on may... i studied kaplan content once and read saunders as well and i also have nclex mastery apps for my phone im making sure dat everyday i do 100+++ questions and im planning to reread kaplan one more again and do more q&a am i doing do ryt thing????

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Thank u all!! I have been doing more tests on specifics and i keep getting higher scores... above 70... I will be praying :) I can do this thank u all for your help!


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Don't worry if you fail the first time. Keep trying until you get it. Keep reading the provided book over and over even if you know it already. Keep doing new questions every single day. I do mine like 100 a day. Don't forget to read the rationale and write down it so you can review it again.

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