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Question about state boards in OHIO

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I graduated from Practice Nursing program at Ivy Tech in 2000. I took my state boards and did not pass. I got a job in nursing and was not pressured into taking the boards so I let it slip by. I went to the Indiana State Board of Nursing and they told me that I would have to do the ATI and get a 95%. I just took my predictor test with ATI and got a 92%. My instructor suggested that I try to take my boards in another state. I have been looking into Ohio and wondered if anyone knows if a 92% will get me in?



Were you practicing as a nurse all these years without a license or working in some other capacity? You mentioned nursing and I'm confused.

Call the Ohio Board of Nursing for the answer to your question but if you are going to work in Indiana as a nurse, it would make sense to take boards in Indiana.

If you've actually been working as a nurse and did not pass boards, yikes.

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What? This thing are happening? Practicing as a nurse without a license? Wow!!!!!