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Does anyone know any online programs/colleges that offer LPN to RN degrees? Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Reana :)

I just graduated from Excelsior College--my program would accept you with your LVN/LPN as sufficient pre-requisite.

I thought the program was exceptionally good, and, compared to what I have been able to find on line, pretty reasonable as far as costs.

Have you tried googling for this info? You can also search this site, and specifically read the threads in the distance learning subforum of the nursing student forum.

Good luck!


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FYI: The state of California recently disqualified the Excelsior program so, if you want to practice in California, you would not be able to do so if you graduated from Excelsior.


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I was doing Excelsior, but heard that Indiana may go along with California and although I think it's a great program, I couldn't afford to work that hard, only to have it yanked from under me if Indiana decided to go that route, so I am traditional.

It is a good program, however, you must have the self motivation to finish. You can take as short as you need or as depends on you.

Good Luck!


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Indiana University just started a LVN-RN BSN online program - you still have to complete all the basic classes - A&P, Micro, English etc, and there are classes you will need to test out of and then you are eligible to take the RN online classes. I think University of Oklahoma has a similiar program that is online.



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I'm not in CA, but just curious as to why CA disqualified it. Anyone know?

My clinical instructor was talking about RN-BSN programs yesterday, and was horrified at the THOUGHT of ANY online classes, nevermind programs. I fully intend to get my BSN online through Phoenix or something. She was even horrified that most of my core pre-req's were online. Yes, some classes need to be done "in-person", but English Lit? I can read poetry online as well as in a classroom. Even better, really, cause I don't have all the distractions (not that I understand Dickinson anyway! LOL)


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I'm not in CA, but just curious as to why CA disqualified it. Anyone know?

Do a search on California and Excelsior, there's a bunch of threads on it. Basically, the program didn't meet the state's clinical requirements.



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I'm getting working on my ADN to BSN at University of Maine Fort Kent on line. I think they also have an LPN to BSN program.

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