Question about loss of license due to an "administrative complaint"


I am getting ready to take boards and was visiting my state's board of nursing, familiarizing myself with the process, etc... There was an area where you can search for a person's license and to see its status. I entered the name of a friend who lives in another city. I THOUGHT she had retired temporarily to help care of a family member who is terminally ill, which in fact she is doing. What shocked and surprised me was that her license was suspended, and the reason for investigation in the first place was "administrative complaint."

I don't want to know exactly what she did, and would never ask her directly. Obviously she must be upset and mortified that this happened to her, and I understand it's a deeply personal issue and would never discuss it with her unless she brought it up.

I am curious though, what sort of reasons fall under "administrative complaint." I've always thought she was an excellent nurse and she's highly thought of in her profession. She even taught for a period of time. I'm just at a loss and while I don't want to delve deeply into it, I do admit to a natural curiosity as to what sorts of things fall under "adminstrative complaint." Can anyone enlighten me?

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Be careful jumping to it possible it's someone else with the same name? You could probably search on the BON's site to find out what is under the umbrella of "Administrative Complaint"...

Who knows what it means... It could just be an issue with her paperwork.

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I was shocked to see that a nurse I worked with had gotten a "censure" or whatever it's called for "prescribing drugs without a prescription" or something of that nature. Well, I found out that she started an IV on a sick co-worker and gave them like a 500 bag of saline. Not really a big deal, but definitely stupid to do at work!


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what is the difference between suspension and probation?

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Probation means you can work under close supervision while suspension you can't work.

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This infraction should be outlined and defined in your nurse practice act which you should be able to get on line.


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My state publishes the paperwork, court orders, that go with the disciplinary action. So the public can pretty much get the gory details.

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