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Question...Just took NCLEX...

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I just took the NCLEX for the second time yesterday (10/21/14). I came home to try to do "the trick" and pay for 'Quick Results" and when I logged in to make sure that my results were delivered, I had a message under "Exam" that says "Your exam results are not available at this time" with a yellow "!" in front of it. I don't even have a link to pay for 'Quick Results'

I have been trying to find answers online, but I can only find stuff from 2010.

During the exam, I took a break, and when I came back they had trouble scanning in my palm. We tried my right hand 3 times and it didn't work, then did my left hand and got it on the first try. From what I have read, because of this trouble scanning my palm that my results aren't in yet?

If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. Do I need to call the Board or Pearson? I just would like to kinda understand what is going on. I would really like to know if I passed NCLEX =)


I tested yesterday & checked my board of nursing and saw my license number so I knew I passed. It is my understanding that it takes extra time if you had problems with the hand scan. I know several people that had this problem. I hope you get it resolved quickly! Waiting is agony!

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It's too early for quick results. There is a 48 hour minimum from the time you tested.

Thanks! I actually just check the Boards website and it says it's active. So I passed


Congratulations, amy0024! I hope and pray that I'll pass my NCLEX RN too. I'm still studying for my exam while waiting for my application/papers to get done. God bless you in your job hunt! :-)

Hi, I tested 10/22 and checked my BON this morning to find out I passed. I had 75 questions with a lot of SATA. Good luck!