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Hi! I've been reading recently how scarce jobs are and I'm just wondering if anyone has had any luck finding jobs out here? I just started nursing school and now I'm scared if I continue to pursue this career that I will end up with student loans that I can't pay because there are no jobs. Is it really that bad? Am I crazy to think I can work with an ASN RN while I pursue a BSN? Any help would be so appreciated.


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Hello, i am an RN from a diploma nursing school with an AS. I am also pursuing my BSN. As for the job market in NJ. It is very difficult. I would say that I receive a 0.5% response from submitting resumes that in turn lead to interviews. I am working per diem at two different facilities. But only because i knew someone that was able to help me get in. There are RN jobs but they are reserved for experienced nurses. Having a Bsn helps because so many hospitals in NJ are trying to obtain/maintain magnet status. Hope this gives you a little insight on the job market.

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Yes, it's bad. I probably applied for over 100 positions all over the state and got call backs for 2 when I was a new graduate. BSN's are definitely the preferred degree. Many major hospitals are only hiring BSN's or requiring that ADN nurses be enrolled in a BSN program.

So yeah, there's a chance you'll graduate and then have to look for work for several months before you find something. But no one knows what the economy/job market will look like when you graduate, so don't worry about it now. Just focus on getting good grades in school, doing well in clinical, and networking to help find a job when you get your license.

So I graduated almost a year ago I'm in my 3rd semester for my BSN and being enrolled in that program doesn't help!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how many apps I've filled out and gotten almost zero response I have no idea how I'm going to pay all these student loans back when I end up working at mc Donald's next year!!!


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any new information from you guys about the job search? any luck? any advice for me? im in the same position..


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Try to get a nursing assistant position at a local hospital while you're in school. I've been a CNA for three years now, in three different units, and after making a good impression on each manager I'd probably be able to work as a new grad on any of them (I'm going for ICU). Not only do you have a link in for a position once out of school, but you see things every shift which you can apply to your schooling to help you better understand the material.


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The reality of the situation in New Jersey from what I have found after being a licensed RN over a year ago and unemployed:

Their is a nursing shortage of BSN nurses with at least 1 - 2 years of experience.

I have a diploma in nursing and accepted to a BSN program but I am seriously considering of withdrawing my application for Fall 2012.

Nursing is not a field to get in if you want a job right out of school, especially if you live in the tri-state area. Jobs o plenty down south or midwest. I am planted in NJ so moving is not an option.

So, I am considering Health Information Management for greater job opportunities because it blends medical knowledge, business and information technology.

It may be hard for some of you (especially financially) to even think about changing professions even before you officially start your RN career. But I look at being unemployed as an opportunity to reevaluate my current situation. I also look at this time out of nursing school as an opportunity to expand my knowledge/skills about the business side of healthcare. It seems that many of the business decisions behind the scenes have a huge impact on the care a patient receives at the bedside. I wish all of the not so new grad RNs clarity of thinking in deciding what to do with the rest of your lives.


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Life isn't so rosey here in Jersey for us older experienced RN's either. All I have been able to get w/ 30yrs of inpatient hospital bedside is perdeim which there is a very high cancellation rate and then these NM's get their big butts in a bunch when you take full time temp postions. Meanwhile, they sport new $400 Coach purses and your buying Hamburger Helper@ Wal-mart. The arses who are in the nurse manager roles today think monthy bills are paid on (1) 12 hr shift per month or maybe they flat out don't care because it's not "them" I'm here to say- unemployment pays nurses more that. I know that personally also. Then there are the Nurse managers of color who refuse to hire a white RN into a inner city hospital, Newark and had another experience w/ this discrimination yesterday-in Trenton for a postion in an FQHC. This one yesterday, boasting how she had been at this facility for 21 yrs- and did it show. Her understanding of the position she was conducting the interview for was grossely lacking to say the least, I was getting rady to draw her pictures. Maybe she should have ventured out and worked in other facilities to gain a broader knowledge of what is going on in her profession/healthcare world instead of locking her self up in 1 small clinic. Neither her nor the cookoo bird in newark beth isreal ever bothered to read the resume- that there is years of experience in one of worse sections of Philadelphia. All they want to do is get combative with you. So that's 2, with the 3rd I'm I'm fixing to file a racial discrimination law suit against these chicks in this state.


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I graduated in Dec. 2010 and started out in homecare for 9 months. I'm now working as a research nurse. All of my fellow graduates seem to have gotten jobs as well. But your best bet is to work as a CNA to get the in. Good luck and don't give up. It took me three months to get my first job but I got it.