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I just started an ADN program and was wondering if when you graduate what you GPA is over:

A. only nursing classes

B. nursing classes and the other pre-reqs for nursing school (english, math, a&p, sociology, etc)

C. nursing classes and the pre-reqs taken into account for acceptance into the program (in my case: english, A&P 101, A&P 102, and psychology)

D. all classes you've ever taken at that school

I ask this because I was a business major for 1 year prior to switching to nursing. I have a 4.0 GPA in those classes so I just didn't know it those would effect my GPA (in a good way) or if they're unrelated.



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At my school the GPA includes all classes taken at that school. It does not include classes taken at any other schools. I use this to my advantage by taking difficult classes for me (english ) at another school and transfering the credit.


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In other words, your previous 4.0 will only boost your GPA when you finish as it includes all classes taken at that school.


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Ok, I was hoping it would work this way! Not that I'm planning on slacking off in nursing school but I know that a 4.0 is very hard to obtain and it'd be nice to know that I have a solid GPA going in.


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anyone else have an opinion!?


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Your grade point average consists of all classes you've taken at that campus.

Also, at my college a 4.0 is the highest GPA you can achieve.

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ALSO, I took random classes for two years before I entered the two year ADN (RN) program and I had a 4.0. I'm in my second year and my GPA has dropped a bit. I've yet to make an A in any nursing class (other than Math for Health Occupations). My GPA is sitting around 3.64-ish.


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awesome, thank you so much. I am trying my hardest to get A's in my nursing classes, but it seems VERY hard. I've got a B in all my classes right now. I'm just glad that I have a little cushion so my GPA doesn't plummet.

Thanks, again.

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The GPA is calculated from all the classes you've taken at the school.

Grades don't cross over from different schools, so if you took a class at School #1 and got an A in it, when you transferred to School #2 you'd receive credit for having taken the class, but they wouldn't add that A into your GPA.

If you were curious, you could figure out your GPA with only the nursing classes.


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I am curious why some are saying grades from other schools don't count toward your GPA.

At my current school, I have done very well and should have almost a 4.0. However, when I view my grades, it lists the GPA for the semester and cumulative. My cumulative GPA is affected by my grades from a different school. Many years ago, I didn't withdraw properly and received failing grades for 4 or 5 classes. So, what should be a 4.0 if only this school's grades counted are instead around a 3.2.

So why would other schools' grades not count? That makes no sense to me.

If the OP is asking how those previous business classes would affect her GPA, I would think that would depend. For example, if you would be applying to a Masters or BSN program, it would depend on if the program looked at just the pre-req's, or your cumulative GPA.

Maybe I'm mistaken. Please somebody explain.


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Hmm, I'm not sure. I started off at a different school and when I transfered in the credit from my first school was transferred, but my grades were not. My school needed english as an indicator if you can get into the nursing program and the grade I earned in english got transfered over from the other school but that was the only class. Maybe ask your guidance office.

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My grades transferred from another school as well and it screwed up my GPA at my new school because they used a different grading scale. At my previous school our grades went on a number system of 3.2, 3.4, 3.8 etc. which would give you A+, A, A- and so on.You had to have a 2.5 to pass any class.

At my new school they only use 4.0,3.0, 2.0 A,B,C and you need a 2.0 to pass any class (nursing grades are on a stricter scale % wise but will still be put on your transcript this way) so when they transferred my grades over to my new school if I had a 3.8 which was an A at my previous school it came in as a 3.0 to the new school, if I had a 2.6 it transferred as a 2.0. I was not aware of this and it messed me up with my nursing prereqs I had to retake one of my science classes I passed to get a higher grade to up my GPA becuse of all my grades dropping in my new schools scale. It seriously ****** me off.

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