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I recently applied for a job that would require me to hold both a SD and MN nursing license as I would be working with clients in both states on a day to day basis. I currently have a MN license. Does anyone know how I go about this? Just scared if I do it wrong that I will void my MN license. (although not sure that can happen) If anyone has any clue about where I can find out this information and how to go about it that would be great! Thanks

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I doubt you will have any problems, just follow requirements for endorsement. Many hold numerous licenses with no problems


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You can hold as many licenses (from different states, that is) as you are willing to pay for (and meet the other requirements (CEUs, required courses, etc.)). Your SD license would have nothing to do with your MN license, and certainly would not "void" it. This is why some of us always make a point of correcting those here who talk about "transferring" their license to another state -- you're not "transferring" your license; you're applying for another license (in the new state) by endorsement.

Go the to SD BON website (accessible from this site --- click on the grey "Resources" tab in the upper right corner of the page, and the drop-down menu will include a link to a list of all the US BONs, with links to their wegsites) and look there for the instructions and forms for application for licensure "by endorsement."

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Mn has a border state registry law. See:

In other words if you have an unrestricted license in the states bordering MN the state will recognize your unrestricted license as valid. These laws are not usually passed in a vacuum. I would check the SD website to see if your MN license is recognized as a border state license in SD.

Mn is not a compact state. It looks like Mn BON has joined the compact through the back door (at least for the border states) by passing legislation to recognize the licenses of border states.

So......I would get licensed in SD and then use that license for practice in MN. As always check with the BON to verify the legality of this approach.

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One possible snag may be a (possible) requirement of residence in a compact state to get the multistate license.


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