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Question on what is an Emergency Care Technician...?


I am taking an EMR class at the local ambulance center and hopefully will be taking an EMTB course soon. See the term thrown around a lot on the internet in regards to EMS services. Looking it up seems to be similar to a patient care technician? Is that true; my understanding on PCT it continues on from what a CNA does. Example would be administering an IV for example.

Two part question: What is an ECT? Second question what level of EMT training do you have to be at to become an ECT? Second question can ask around at the ambulance center in regards to local procedures. Though appreciate the responses.

My understanding hospital nurses, & doctors are the only ones that can set IV`s in hospital. A CMA might be able to do that, but only under docs orders in Docs Officer or Clinic. Paramedics, & some Emt-I might be able to depending on state laws. Certian kinds can be disconnected by Techs.

Emergency Care Tech may be refrence to a tech that works in the Emergency Department. Its probable just a job title the hospital uses.

ER techs are basically nurse aids that work in an emergency room. Most EDs require they have at least an EMT-Basic license, some require they be Paramedics. I think most of them start IVs, which usually isnt in the scope of practice for EMT-Basics. EMT-Bs can do it in a hospital setting under the license of a physician and usually get OJT.

These are highly sought after jobs, a lot easier than working as a CNA and better paying than working for a private ambulance service as an EMT. You can also learn a lot doing this job. As a result competition for them is usually fierce. I would recommend having an EMT license, be a CNA, have taken college level A&P and some phlebotomy training. Experience working as an EMT doing 911 calls would go a long way in getting a job too.

Like any job it often boils down to who you know though. A girl in my EMT class was hired in as an ER tech right out of school with no experience or additional training, but her father was a physician at that hospital.

I just did a clinical in the ER last week. Origanally I posted they couldn`t do IV`s. During Clinicals we cant do anything outside are scope of practics. However, ER techs could start fluid IV`s, but couldn`t start any that were med related. Plus, they were trainned in phlebotomy.

Emt-b`s do not get a liscense. They get a certification just like CNA`s. Emt-b`s prehospital can only use CPR & First Aid outside of the Ambulance pre-hospital.

Example: Your an off duty Emt-b. You witness a person collapse & isn`t breathing. Bag-Vavle-mask isn`t doing sufficent ventallition to sustian life. You can not insert a non-visualized airway.

This is do to an Emt-b being off duty and can not practice medicine. When on Duty they are an extension of a MD medical liscense. Much the same way a CMA operates.

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Has 2 years experience.

PCTs do NOT do IVs! They are basically a CNA.

ECTs are emergency care techs. It depends on what hospital you're working in, but in my ED we are able to do more than the techs on the floors...

Techs that work in the ER can start IV`s if it is hospital policy. Two local hospitals were I live. Do let ER Techs start IV`s in the ER. Its a actual job requirement. However, PCT`s that work on the hospital floor do not do it. When doing clinicals I watched Techs starting IV`s, & asked them about it.

Wow how things have changed over the years. Back in the 80s I was an EMT-Basic. We could not do IV's, just basic emergency medicine. This is in Alabama back then they had an intermediate level that could do IV's and Intubate. Both are incredibly scary the first time you do them, even in practice, its scary. I did have a license for basic which I wish now I had kept up. I got completely out of medicine but you can take the girl out of medicine but the desire to be in medicine stayed in the girl. Going back to college for Nursing, I start in January.

I am an Emergency room tech. They call us ER Techs/critical care techs...At my job we are all EMT's and also either med or nursing students and we all have at least 3 years Emergency Medical experience. We do a variety of things including but not limited to phlebotomy, EKG's, start IV's, basic patient care, assist in procedures, and get LOTS of hands on experience. It really is a great opportunity to learn when your in school and at every ER that I work in, if you work as tech while in nursing school and do a good job you're pretty much guaranteed a job there after you're licensed. It's great, I have to say it's probably the best job to have while in school if you're really looking for clinical experience.:)