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Question Bank Recommendation


I am a multiple test taker at the moment, and have used up all of the questions available in the Kaplan Review course (question trainer included). I was wondering if there were any good question banks/program/courses that I can use to practice with for my next test. I am looking just for practice questions rather than content. Any recommendations will help, thanks! :)


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I used PrepU NCLEX 10,000. The questions are pulled based on computer adaptive testing. As you do better with questions the higher the level, and the harder the questions. I found levels 6-8 were at par or more difficult than the NCLEX. I have heard there is something similar called NCLEX 3,500 which is free. May want to look into that.


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NCLEX 3500 was a good resource. I did them in my spare time and when I had finished up Kaplan and Saunders

I can't seem to find a way to access NCLEX 3500, would you min sharing the link with me please?

Great! Thanks so much!

Idk if you have taken your test yet, but would you say that the questions were comparable to the actual test or at NCLEX level. Or better yet, did you feel like PrepU really helped?


Specializes in Acute Rehab, Neuro/Trauma, Dialysis.

I have taken my boards and passed with 75 qts. I only used PrepU 10,000 for a question bank. I found it very helpful! I found that levels 6-8 were as challenging as the NCLEX, and if anything I think that some of the questions in level 8 were more difficult than the exam. I personally have not used NCLEX 3500, but I have heard a lot of people use it and found it helpful.

I second sparrow91. PrepU is great and works in an "adaptive" mode. As your mastery levels increase the questions get harder so don't get frustrated if you find yourself getting a lit of questions wrong as you abover mastery level 6. Just read all your rationals even if you got the question correct.