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Question: Applies to nurses all ages

Chris996 Chris996 (New) New

I am an LPN in New York state and i am moving to Florida. Was just wondering if anyone knows what the processs of having my license switched over is. I already looked to see if Florida fell into the compact that the United States has with using a liscense in multipule states. Will I be fingerprinted, will I have to pay a fee, how long does the process take in total till I can start working again, will I lose my New York nursing license if I switch it to Florida, and will I be drug tested?

Thank you in advance for any responces!

Your question can only be answered by the Florida BON . I do know that Florida has very strict regulations that require at least 6 weeks to process.

You can expect drug testing or finger printing for any new position.

Archerlpvn, LPN, LVN

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I can for a fact the you will not lose your New York license. You will simply obtain a Florida license through endorsement. It will be your responsibility to keep both licenses current and all fees and ceu's up to date for licensure renewal. I have had my license endorsed twice, to Washington and colorado and I still have a current original California LVN license.

I have 8 licenses (I think). My primary one is in a nonCompact state, but having one in a Compact state doesn't affect my ability to work in other Compact states because my legal resident is not in a Compact state.

Compact states do not have an agreement with the United States; they are a group of states* that have agreed to honor each other's licenses when people move from legal residence in one Compact state to legal residence in another. New York is not a Compact state, and neither is FL.

The definitive answers to your FL-specific questions (fingerprinting, background check, fees, processing time, drug testing, etc.) will be had if you call the FL board of nursing and ask them, or check their website.

Note that any employer may want fingerprints/background checks/drug tests as part of an application or hiring process, too.

* 24 Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) States (current)



Arizona 7/1/2002

Arkansas 7/1/2000

Colorado 10/1/2007

Delaware 7/1/2000

Idaho 7/1/2001

Iowa 7/1/2000

Kentucky 6/1/2007

Maine 7/1/2001

Maryland 7/1/1999

Mississippi 7/1/2001

Missouri 6/1/2010

Nebraska 1/1/2001

New Hampshire 1/1/2006

New Mexico 1/1/2004

North Carolina 7/1/2000

North Dakota 1/1/2004

Rhode Island 7/1/2008

South Carolina 2/1/2006

South Dakota 1/1/2001

Tennessee 7/1/2003

Texas 1/1/2000

Utah 1/1/2000

Virginia 1/1/2005

Wisconsin 1/1/2000

At this time, Minnesota, Illinois, NY, and Massachusetts are listed as "pending legislation."

Lola Lou, BSN

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You'll be fingerprinted before you get the license and yes you will pay a fee to get it done. You won't lose your original license. You'll just have two now. The process will take at least 6 weeks if you get the paperwork and everything else done correctly. I'm assuming that a drug test will take place at your potential place of employment.


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