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Hello! I am a senior in the BSN program at Mercy College of Ohio. I am doing my practicum right now in a stepdown. I wanted to be placed in the ED but they said they had so many students in the ASN and BSN programs needing placement we probably wouldn't get our first choice. So, I was okay with that. I got assigned the stepdown and I like it. However, I really would like the chance to be in the ED. I only got to do 1 day during a clinical in an ED. Anyways, my preceptor only works part time. So, they are worried about me being able to get the second half of my hours done with her and think I might need to switch. I said I'd rather not since I started with this preceptor and I know the way she likes things done and she knows what I can do. But, I understand their thinking. So, I am going to get her schedule tomorrow to see if it's doable. But, I said, if I do switch I would like a chance to be in the ED this time. However, the lady that sets it up said they only like to take their own people, who already work there so I pretty much have no chance of that.

So, my question is, once I graduate what are my chances of getting hired in an ED? I was looking at job openings and some say they prefer 2 years experience but others do not say anything about experience. But how do you get the experience if you can't get hired in one in the first place? I've always liked learning about emergency nursing. It's the only area I've ever really thought about. Now I'm trying to think of another area I'd like to try if I do have to switch preceptors but I can't think of anything!!

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You need to find an ER that has a New Grad residency program. A lot of them won't post positions until closer to graduation. Whether they do or not depends on your area. Where I graduated NS new grads weren't started in the ED. Here on the East Coast in NC it seems like all that is in the ER is new grads constantly. Too many IMO. In Maryland Hopkins had a good balance in their hospital and their sister hospitals. But I would call the various hospitals you would be willing to go to and find out if they have them and if so when they post the positions and ask for any tips to put you at the top.

Thank you so much! I will definitely call around and ask. My grandmother was recently in a hospital in here Ohio (Toledo Hospital) and her RN and I were talking and she was talking about a residency program there. She said that if you were hired, you would be placed with a specific nurse, kind of like a practicum, but it was a residency so you were employed there but would work with a nurse. So I think they do have them here if I understood her correctly!


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Look for a new grad residency that is for ED specifically. Where I live, they start posting positions up to 6 months before the start date, so most people have jobs before we even graduate. It's a lot of competition to get a job in the ED as a new grad. Most places I heard only take a handful of new grads every cohort out of the hundreds that apply. I was hired into an ED residency and they said that a huge reason for that was I had been a tech during school. If that's an option for you, you should definitely do that! Best of luck.

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Googled RN residency programs and found this. Check it out.



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- A degree from a School of Professional Nursing of an accredited college.

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- Must successfully complete orientation and competency requirements.

- The ability to obtain CPR certification, potential ACLS, PALS, NRP

- Computer skills required for automated computer systems, including electronic medical records.

- Must be able to meet essential job functions.

The following areas may be available:

- Med/Surg (including PCU)

- Behavioral Health

- Cardiology (ICU/PCU)

- Vascular (ICU/PCU)

- Critical Care (ICU/PCU for surgical, neuro trauma, med/surg)

- Emergency Department


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Promedica, which owns The Toledo Hospital, Bay Park, and Flower, does have an ICU/ER residency. I know they split their critical care new RNs from their non-crit care RNs e.g., those getting a position on med surge or progressive. You have to pass boards first, prior to starting their residency. Mercy Health also has an ER residency. An ER or ICU new RN typically gets 6 months of on the floor training w/ a seasoned ER preceptor no matter where you go. At some point you'll transition to nights and finish the 6 month recedency w/ a nights ER RN. Be a sponge. Ask a million questions. Make friends w/ your paramedics, and pick their brains. I just went through what your going through back in 2015, w/ no medic or ER experience. I got very lucky, and went straight to the ER. Since Mercy wants to hire you, as you're a new grad of their school, try and get in w/ them in the ER right after graduation in May. Promedica's residency doesn't start till August, so if you don't get ER w/ Mercy, take a shot at Promedica. Good luck, and stay positive!

It's nice to know they both have residency programs for new RNs. Unfortunately I won't be done with my classes until July and the class that just graduated they had 8 people that worked in the ER as PCTs or HUCs and they only hired 3 of them. From what the hospital administrator lady at St. Vs told me about their ED only liking to take people who already worked there I felt it was kind of a lost cause, but then hearing they only hired 3 of the 8 that actually worked there already made me really feel like it was a lost cause!! The class that graduated didn't get their authorization to test for the NCLEX for a month. So if I'm done in July and it takes mine that long I won't be able to test until sometime in August. Hopefully, I will be able to start a residency program at Mercy or Promedica then!

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I would suggest applying NOW to the places you would like an opportunity at. I started applying at the places I wanted to work four months before we graduated. I was hired three and a half months before I graduated. I think (at least for me) applying early and getting that interview before they were swamped with Spring applicants who had just graduated is part of what got me in. I also elected to do their extern program where you basically function as a tech until you pass the NCLEX and begin RN orientation.

I totally agree with finding a hospital that does a residency too, though. They're way more likely to hire a new nurse. Good luck í ¼í½€í ½í±