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I'm helping a family friend to get her license in California. She got her nursing degree in Philippines 2003. She migrated in Quebec Canada and got her Canadian license 2012. She worked in Quebec for 8 years and moved here in California. Which one should she use to get her license in California, license by examination or license by endorsement? We're kinda confused because it says on license by endorse, it's OK if you passed 5 part exam but not the Canadian Comprehensive Exam. Anyone encountered same situation. Any tips or advice? 
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Hi. My friend is PH graduate and immigrated to  Canada. She upgraded to BScN in Ontario due to deficiency with College of Nurses of Ontario then took her NCLEX after in 2018. She then endorsed her Canadian license to California however the Cali BRN only required her to submit her PH education and not the Canadian part of schooling. She initially worked in NY with TN status due to not having SSN. 

As per BRN, "The endorsement applicant must have passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE), or the five-part Canadian examination (prior to 1980). The Canadian Comprehensive Examination is not acceptable."

Quebec has the Quebec Professional Examination (QPE) for RN exam in comparison to the rest of Canada who had the Canadian Comprehensive Examination then adapted the NCLEX in 2015. So most likely, your friend would need to take license by examination to write NCLEX. 


To qualify for endorsement into California as a registered nurse, you must hold a current and active license in another state or Canada, have completed an educational program meeting all California requirements, and have passed the national licensure examination or acceptable five-part Canadian examination. The Canadian Comprehensive Examination is not acceptable. If you do not possess these qualifications, you must apply for licensure by examination.


Hello, In am curious to know how the transition to French was for your friend and how she managed to integrate the health system. I am a Canadian nurse educated in English and now working on getting my permit, I am fluent in French but would need to learn medical terms. Thank you,

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