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Has 6 years experience.

hello all, i know there are tons of PVT tricks on here explaining the "Good Popup" but today i took my RN nclex at 8am got out of there at 1030. Check the Pearson Vue site put in my information for my cc and changed the expiration date. Hit next then Submit this was around 1040 after i got the email from Pearson Vue saying i took the test. So the Screen popped up and said The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time.

]Could some one please explain this trust me my hopes aren't high i cut off at 95ish questions.

It is 230pm my time and i have attempted to put in my information and im still getting the same message Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thats the good pop up, it usually means that you passed! :)

I believe that means that you attempted to the trick to early....best of luck I hope you passed.