PVT + Kaplan = Hopefully passed

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So i took my NCLEX at 7:30 AM earlier. The early start wasn't that bad, I woke up every hour anyway from 11 PM to 5 AM. :banghead: I have to say that although I kinda had an idea of how it was going to be, and I was relatively calm the day before, the nerves hit when I actually walked towards the end of the hallway where Pearson was.

75 questions in 3 hours, and I was convinced that if I took all 265 that I'll actually run out of time!!!! 25 SATA, TONS of drugs and priority, 3 math, 1 ekg strip, 1 arrange the sequence. I have to say that the computer turning blue on you felt like I was being rapidly dropped from a ferris wheel (I hate ferris wheels:lol2:)

I did the PVT and got the good up:D!!! ALL 12 people in my class who took it and passed said they got the same thing.

I still cannot believe that I don't have to study Kaplan tonight anymore, but I'll take my good pop up for now.

Can't wait for Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, let me get some Malbec.:yawn:


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Good luck with your official results.



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Thanks caliotter3:D