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PVT For New Nclex PN


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Hello Everyone:

I finally retook my nclex -pn yesterday, I am not 100% sure but it looks like I failed by this trick. Well my test was okay I didn't feel I don't understand anything. I was relax with no pressure, I had only 105 questions this time and I felt good. I had about 25 to 30 sata, a few put in order, a few menu , a lot of prioritize stuff but mostly sata even with drugs. I had to use the restroom by an 1 hour or so I went then when I got back it ask me if I want a break at the 2 hours part I said no went on to the next question then I got a blue screen. I was so surprise because I was only getting ready to start question 106. When I look up and seen I was on 105 question I thought to myself well....I will have all 205 again. Then I looked at the clock it said 2:55 left so I said to myself well I am okay with that . What I guess I am mad about is WHY couldn't I have all the questions. If I was to fail why not let me fight the fight to the end like before. But it is what it is ...I put my cc information in after I finish and it tried to take my funds ...not enough money there..it ask for another card to finish the process. I was so upset...I can't wait until the day ..when I can do the trick ..and pass the test. So today I still have to wait to get the results but it looks like I failed again:( .I will retake again until I pass but for sure I will change the way I do things. This nurse once told me that it is better to study medical-surgical more then ever to get all the fact about the process... WHY does this keep on happening to me...I finally understood how to answer the question..well maybe not . Last time I had every kind of questions there were..but this time only 105..Who knows..sad today but I will be okay.

The PVT is usually correct, but not always (hence, 'the trick', not 'official results').

Your exam is scored twice within a 24 hour period. If you play the 'trick' after the first scoring, but before the second, you cannot rely on it AT ALL. That is because your second scoring might be different than the first.

Those who say "it worked for me" when they did it right after their exam ended had the good fortune (or misfortune, if they failed) of finding that their second score was the same as the first. Although they didn't wait for the second scoring, it didn't matter. Results were the same.

However, there are a good number of people who do find that their second score IS different; they did the trick early and thought "yay, I passed!" but got a failure notice in the mail. Or, they were crushed they failed ("it took my money!") and turns out they passed. BUT they also blew $200 because they paid for a test they don't need.

If it's been at least 24 hours and you have the ability to pay for another test at this point, in all likelihood you did fail, sorry.


Has 5 years experience.

Well I get that...this morning after 12:00 noon will be 24 hours since I finish the test . I will wait for quick results to get my answer which is only tomorrow after 3pm. This had taken over my life all I do is nclex stuff everyday of my life. I tried this morning with another card and it said the card wasn't no good try another but it's not 24 hours yet. But now I am busy with going back to work ..which I work nights so I will be busy again. I don't have the money until Friday by then I will have the quick results for $7.00 available. The only thing that hurts is my family was all into it..my husband had signs all over the house getting me ready for the 18th nclex day. Now his face is asking WHY...you did so good in school..what happen:(

Sorry :(

Well, if you did fail, you will get a CPR (candidate performance report) that will tell you what areas you need to focus on for next time, so you'll be ready for whatever they throw at you!

Good luck :)