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PVT clarification


I need you all to clarify the pvt: when doing the trick with an EXPIRED (I'm talking expired a year ago) GIFT CARD (American express to be more specific) and NO FUND (obviously if it expired a year ago), WOULD THE TRICK WORK?????

I received invalid card when submitting payment....and from what I've read it has to be a valid card that hasn't expired and has little money for it to work while others say an expires card can work too (without specifying the card being a gift card or an actual cc)

Someone explained that the process is, the system FIRST variefies if the card is valid and once verified it either gives you the good news or make you pay....if someone can also clarify that

There is A LOT of details about how this works all over this forum; I personally wrote it out many times, as did several others, so....take a look around :)

If you live in a State that participates in Quick Results, you can pay eight bucks 48 hours after completion of exam and find out once and for all.

good luck!

I can't find it.

if you can provide that info here in summary or provide the link, that would be helpful

I can't find it.

if you can provide that info here in summary or provide the link, that would be helpful

Ok, you caught me at a good time :)

In a nutshell, if you are submitting a card without valid funds AND it is declined, it means that PV tried to charge it and it was denied payment. This either means you failed (and it's trying to charge you for the payment you are authorizing by doing it in the first place) OR you failed the first scoring, and that's where you are at the moment.

Your exam is scored twice within 24 hours. If at your first scoring you are a 'fail', you will be authorizing a charge. Have seen various posts on using a 'bad' card, one with insufficient funds, etc, and overall it seems that it doesn't matter if there's funds or not: if you fail, they will attempt to charge it. It isn't going to do a two-step process of verifying it's authenticity and then putting through a charge; either it makes the charge attempt once or not at all.

IF YOU PASS on the SECOND scoring, there is no refund of your authorized payment, you freely gave it and the fact that you aren't going to take a second test isn't their problem.

wttw--if it's been more than 24 hours since your test completed (and at this point, I think it has...?) AND PV is trying to charge your card, it means in all likelihood that you failed. Two scorings will have been made, and the software isn't designed to accept payment on a 'finalized' NCLEX pass.

Does this make sense to you?

I did it again today after the 24 hours with a card that has


Has 5 years experience.

Well my said use another card. Which the next day I found out I failed. If it say our records say you taken it already..means u pass I think