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Well guys.....I had planned on starting the Program in August, but it doesn't look like I will get to do so.......if all works out I will have all pre-reqs EXCEPT A&P 2 by then.....the problem is that I can't take A&P 2 while in the program....it totally conflicts on time so I am going to put it off a semester and finish up "ALL" my prereqs before starting. I am a little disappointed, but I know it will be best in the long run and will only put me off a few months. It really sucks though because I have been killing myself since last may to get these done......over the summer last year I took 9 hours.....fall 14 and 14 this semester.......if I had realized that I was going to have to wait another semester I could have taken it a bit easier.....I guess thats how it goes......*SIGH*.....good luck to you all.....


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Sorry to hear that. Can you take it at another school and still stay on track? Our school allows you to do that.

jschut, BSN, RN

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Awwww.....I'm sorry. I know ladies who worked like dogs to get in, so I can relate to how you feel. But , like you said, only one semester!

Best of luck to you!



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It's distressing now but when you do start the nursing classes you'll be glad the A&P is over with. Good luck to you!


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I'm so sorry!!! Can you take it over the summer? I know it would be difficult but after your last summer, 4 credits should be a snap! Everything will work out in the long run...and that will be one less thing you'll have to worry about when doing clinicals!!! I understand how you feel though...I can't start the program until Fall of '03 and then it will still be 2 years till I graduate from my ADN program! The whole point of my taking all my pre-requisites and non-nursing classes was so I could work longer and then finish the clinicals sooner by filling the non-nursing class spots with nursing course...thereby finishing the remaining program in 1-1/2 years rather than 2...but my program will not allow it! It's really frustrating though because I so want to get on with my new life... I hate my current job but finances won't let me quit for AT LEAST another year. Oh well...I will still do this thing!! :D



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I am trying to take A&P 1 this summer and can only take it in the second 6 weeks......the man who teaches A&P 1 in our school teaches it fall ,spring, and summer 1......he is so difficult that in my micro class about 5 out of 20 are on their second go round.......I have heard he has about a 50% fail rate and the majority are thrilled to get a C in his class so I am trying to avoid his class by any means possible......summer 2 my microbiology teacher always teaches an A&P class so I am trying to do that.....it'll work out......I am looking at it this way....I can take the first six weeks off and actually go to my kids baseball games.....can't wait!!!

Thanks for the support.....


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