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I am not understanding this question. Please help.

Order: NS 2,000 mL continuous IV for 24 h. Find the pump setting in milliliters per hour.

I took volume/time and came up with 2000 ml/24 hrs. So I divided 2000 by 24 and came up with 83.333 as my answer. However the book says:

Place volume over time: 2000 ml/24 h. Now reduce the fraction to obtain 125 mL/1 h.

What am I not understanding here?

If someone could explain this to me I would really appreciate it.

Could it be a typo? 125 mL/hr x24 hr=3000 mL.

I don't know. Should I assume it is?

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It is a typo, for sure. Your answer is correct. This is very basic, simple math- no fancy nursing tricks! lol

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Error. The book is wrong. There is definitely a typo.

Thank you!

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And a poorly worded order, IMHO

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