My parameters for hh are notify Dr if below 92 pulse ox on room air. My pt is on 24/7 o2. I already know he' ll drop stats bc chf with base crackles. I ck only on o2, he's always > 97 stats. Should I be checking on room air? I think this would be an undue stress on him.

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do you have a charge person or supervisor to ask? What are the patients orders? Are you the nurse with this patient?

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Call the doctor to clarify. I don't see a need to remove oxygen on a patient that we already know is dependent on oxygen to prove that he's still dependent on it.


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I would check sats on oxygen only since he is dependent. You could open a whole new can of worms by taking him off the oxygen.


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You need to rewrite the order and say contact md if patient pulse ox is below 92%. Patient is on continuous oxygen.

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If patient has continuous O2 you should always check with O2 on. And you need to be CONSISTENT. If a patient with PRN O2 is checked on room air ALWAYS check them on room air and DOCUMENT "room air" or "O2" so the next nurse knows.

Say a patient's SpO2 on room air is 97% but the nurse has not documented room air...has O2 PRN. You go see the patient. Their SpO2 is 95%...not such a biggie....but it's 95% on oxygen indicating there is likely a problem because their SpO2 is LOWER with EXTRA oxygen. On room air their SpO2 may be 92%. In a lung patient this can indicate a big problem.

ALWAYS document.