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Hey guys I have a question / situation that I would like your honest feedback on. We were on the floor for clinical and one of my fellow classmates was having a bit of a rough patch with a Doctors writing aka instructions specific to a patients care. She went to ask her clinical instructor and she was not available at that moment so she went to ask the primary nurse on the floor who flew though the instructions and walked off (now she is starting to feel panic and over her head). Now she is frustrated but keeps on trying. The instructor came back and then brow beat her for asking the primary nurse any questions and basically tells her she should understand and sees no big deal. At this point communication has all but shut down so the instructor tells her "you are wasting my time" (now the few of use that are around are in shock and are not being very good friends because we are running for cover). The student they says I am sorry and turns to walk away and the instructor reaches up, grabs her pony tail and pulls her back. (yup no exaggeration) Now at this point I would have blown up but my fellow student to her credit just said she was sorry again and listened to the lecture (which made no sense:banghead: ). I know we all have those days and but really? I don't know that she will say anything because of fear of repercussions. What do you think or any advice? Some background we are in the 2nd semester of our JR year in a 4 yr BSN program. This is the Med Surg rotation and the student is really easy going and I would guess rank in the upper 25% of our class.


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I would say the preceptor steped over the line when she decided to put hands on.........that really was technically assult. This person's professionalism really is in is question here. She has likely done it in the past but never reported as students tend to fear reprocussions. This behavior will continue until someone puts a stop to it. I might suggest that maybe a group of you go with this student and speak with the head of the school. This way it will be less likely to look like this one student just has a personal quip with this preceptor and if you all speak up stating that you feel this behavior has made you all uncomfortable--her verbal behavior as well as her choice to put hands on a student in a not welcomed manor. If there is negative outcome--as in the preceptor gives her a harder time then she has a leg to stand on and I would guess that this preceptor might be replaced. I have heard horror stories here about some really bad preceptors.......it is really very sad. I don't know that I would ever do the teaching thing in the classroom for a nursing school but in the clinical setting I just love having students....I love teaching them. I have done it in the medical setting as well as psych and really enjoy teaching the "real stuff"!! That you don't get in a text book. So it really aggrivates me to hear these stories.

Good luck and remember you can't expect this woman to know that her behavior is unacceptable if you just let it get brushed under the rug.....maybe next time her rant and rave could be towards you!! LOL She needs to be called on this behavior...


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This is shocking, it is simple assault, and highly unprofessional. The "instructor" should be removed from clinical teaching and either reprimanded (with a written apology) and/or fired. I would guess this is a pattern, which makes it far worse.

In no instance should an instructor touch a student in a manner such as this. Can you imagine the impact on the student? Her peers? The school and faculty??? It doesn't matter which school it is, this behavior is unacceptable at any level.

You must report it. It is the ethical thing to do, and take it to the Dean or Director with any witnesses. Be prepared to write and verbally explain what happened, but do it quickly before it wears thin.

Yes, there may be repercussions, but you still will get through it along with the other students. I'm sure the Dean/Director will ensure there are no "paybacks." Do not let that instructor ruin your school!!!

I love teaching, student nurses are precious souls and do NOT deserve to be treated as animals. I could not fathom any one doing this. Horrific.

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Ok so I'll ask.. what city DID this happen in???


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I am shocked. The instructor knows (or SHOULD know) what the definitions of assault and battery are in this state. The instructor should know better.

You must report this to the Dean of Nursing, asap. Sandnnw is right.


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My dear not only should you report this, but you should go over the nursing school head. Something like this is going to continue if you report it to a dean. That of course depends on a school. Go to academic affairs. This is not buy any means first time it happened. See for someone to be so bold, they would have had to have gotten away with it in the past. That is the main problem with nursing schools. They preach accountability and beneficence, but they are not hearing their own speech. What is even worse is that they are under a delusion that it does not apply to them.:flamesonbDo not let anyone make you the scape goat for their failure as a human or a competent nurse. Instructors get paid to help students. You did not join a military. You went to get an education and you are being barred from your rights.


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I'm sorry this happened to your friend. You and the others may have not been the best friends when you ran for cover, but if you witnessed this assault it's your duty to support her now and report it. Even in the most heated of moments I can't imagine an instructor physically assaulting a student. :(


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My first Instructor was absolutely wonderful. The instructor I have this quarter is a horror at times. I voiced my opinion on a subject and was told "Deal with it........hush your mouth, etc." Not professional by any stretch of the imagination. i went from making an A with my first instructor to now barely passing in clinicals. It's very frustrating, but what can you do? Not to mention the fact that I've never been written up (several in my group have for various wrong doings (forgetting BS checks ACHS, etc.). These people made great grades. Doesn't seem fair to me as I question HOW they arrive at the final grade. It makes one feel that it is based on whether or not the instructor likes you versus based on how well you are doing. I just keep my mouth shut, do the best I can and persevere. :wink2:

OMG, I would not have been able to control myself. Your friend deserves credit for holding her cool, because I would not have been able to control myself. How dare anybody every do that, never, ever, touch a student like that


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Try this on. When someone does not like you based on your beliefs. They also go and discuss you with whom ever listen. Also you argue with them politely over every test , because you wrote down what you put on your scantron, but when she gives you your grade it doeas not add up. She then says you are not a good test taker, then you take a Hesi and you get almost 100% and people who are passing a class are failing. Then she said you failed the class when you know you did not. Then she says she is the only one teaching the class so if your reapply you fear for your life.

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