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Public Loan Forgiveness - application process, personal experience

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Just submitted round 1 of paper-work for the Public Loan Forgiveness Program. Couple of things I've come to realize

1. Its a lot of paper work, so be prepared!

2. You need HR at all your work-places to also fill out the paper work, sometimes, they have no idea what they should do, so be prepared again!

In terms of resources that have helped me through the process, articles from Forbes and Public Student Loan Forgiveness (AAMC) have been helpful.

Found another article on a website called Clineeds - Public Student Loan Forgiveness (very comprehensive, step step process).

Will keep everyone posted. I'm sure I'll get a rejection letter because I missed something. If not, hopefully 10-20K worth of loans gone! :) :)

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What made you apply for this type of loan forgiveness? Why not Nurse Corps?

Depending on the outcome, I will apply to Nurses Corp also. I knew a little bit more about the PSLF than Nurses Corp so I wanted to start with that.

PSLF forgives 100% of loans whereas Nurse Corps only forgives up to a certain amount. I forget the exact amount but it's a lot and would certainly cover OPs debts. A benefit of PSLF is that you don't have to apply with recommendations, essays, etc. You just have to prove that you work in a qualified setting, have qualifying loans, have made payments on time, and are working full-time. Generally speaking, you also have to be on an IDR plan. Nurse corps is beneficial in that the commitment is shorter - I can't remember the exact length but am sure you could easily find that online. PSLF is a 10 year commitment, assuming you don't take any time off. Of course you could do Nurse Corps and PSLF but given the OPs debt amount, I believe this would be unnecessary because Nurse Corps would cover her loans entirely.

One thing to consider with PSLF is that there has been a lot of talk to cap or eliminate the program completely. Current borrowers may or may not be grandfathered in if this happens - nobody really seems to know. The unfortunate thing is that if you make IDR payments for 10 years and then the PSLF program is eliminated, you will likely have to pay even more in total on your loans than you did originally because of the interest that has accumulated. OP my recommendation for you is to (if you haven't already) put a lot of money into savings or conservative investments so that you'll have a big chunk of money ready in the event that this happens. Also, Given that PSLF only started in 2007, nobody has benefited from the program yet (this will be the first year). Considering all of the uncertainty regarding PSLF, Nurse Corps is a much more solid option if you can get it.

Another thing - the amount forgiven through PSLF is not taxable. Is money awarded through Nurse Corps taxable? If so, this would to consider when comparing the two. Although it is still likely better than PSLF because PSLF may disappear soon.


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I work in a low-income eligible school for Student Loan Forgiveness. I have about $50,000 total, but am only getting maybe $25,000 of that covered by the program. I've been enrolled for 3 years, and the paperwork was easy, no hassle. Im in California, which is known for starting programs, and then quickly running out of money. Im hopeful that it stays around another 7 years, but honestly I am not paying anything on the loans, so really this won't hurt me either way.

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I'm looking at this, but after talking with a lot of people, the application process doesn't make a lot of sense to complete until you are at the end of the 10 year requirement. My father is an accountant/financial adviser and has been a real asset I know not everyone has access to. I work at a school and qualify, as all of my loans are graduate plus loans on an income based repayment plan. I'm able to enter year 4 of a planned 10.

Private loans do not qualify for loan forgiveness, and some undergraduate loans won't qualify as well. My father is working with a client that is completing the paperwork and has hit year 10, so I'm waiting to hear if it was successful as I forge my path ahead and plan.


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I entered the program after working for 2 years also. I had never heard about it, and when my old College HEALD" went out of business I began researching my loans more and stumbled on this.

https://allnurses.com/member-863899/ please let me know what you find out about the client who is finished with the process. Thanks ;)