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I have officially completed my first year of nursing :) For the past year I have been working at a Pediatric Doc Office. I defiantly feel that public health nursing is my passion and is the field of nursing I would like to continue to pursue. The in-patient setting is just not for me, nor do I see myself ever interested in that type of nursing. I am interested in more preventative care. I told myself I wanted to stay at least 1 year at my first job to gain some experience and of course as a resume builder--I am now ready to move on find more of a permanent position. School nursing peaks my interest but I also want to learn about other PHN careers that are out there and where to find them.

Does anyone have any suggestion where to apply for PHN jobs? What are other organization where PHN work?


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I think you may be confusing some terminology. "Public Health" nursing is a sub-specialty area that encompasses tax supported clinics and programs that are run by governmental Public Health Departments. Nurses who work in clinics, physician offices, dialysis, occupational health, urgent care centers, ... any setting in which patients do not spend the night ... are working in "ambulatory care" or "outpatient" settings. You will probably need a peds background in order to land a school nursing job.

I can certainly understand your desire to practice in these areas. The acute care sector is shrinking while they are in growth mode.


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Thanks for the info...The office I work at is part of a government agency we are a Pediatric office that is sponsored by/run by the govt so it is part of public health. I am interest in learning about other public health, outpatient and/or ambulatory care setting jobs. Just not sure what locations or where to search. Any help would be great.

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Visit the American Public Health Association APHA: Public Health Nursing Section

Most local positions are posted on state or local government job boards -often need to take state civil service exam, pass exam in order to apply for positions... wait 3-6 months not uncommon before hiring.

Look to see if health centers in your area have open positions

US Public Health Service offers commissioned positions: Nurses

Check out USAjobs for federal positions.

Best wishes on the career move.

Did you find anything else after researching this? I have a BS in Health Education/health Science and just started a 2 year ADN program to get an RN license. Think I can get a public health job afterwards if I'm fully bilingual in Spanish here in CA? I hope so.


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I have a master's in public health and I am completing an RN-BSN program this December. I too love prevention! I work in an ambulatory setting and I enjoy the opportunity to build rapport with patients and to teach them health maintenance and help to promote health. As a public health professional as well, I volunteer within the community with different vulnerable population. You can check out volunteer opportunities, but for full time work check the state and local departments of health and other community organizations. Best of luck to you!