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  1. New grad- L&D

    Where are you located? congratulations!
  2. New Grad: Fly on 1 hr flight weekly to Residency?

    Hoping I'm posting in right place and I can gather some advice. New RN with 8 months experience that includes good experience at a clinic for 6m, then a summer camp. Currently working 3 12's at an emergency screening unit for kids for 5150. This jo...
  3. What kind of integrative medicine jobs exist for RNs?

    thanks so much, I've noticed those and I have that background with a BS in Health Education/Health Science and soon also an RN But what about integrative health programs, let's say, for cardiac patients that need whole lifestyle makeovers and clinica...
  4. Graduate in may Would love to know
  5. What is your job?
  6. New Grad Hospital vs. Community Health Clinic

    I'm also wondering if it would be career 'suicide' to start at a clinic. Med Surg just seems totally 'reactive' as you say, nurses rushing and giving meds. I'm not sure how that can be satisfying, other than the pay.I'm in my last semester of an ADN ...
  7. New Community Clinic RN job- Advice please!!

    I'm wondering how you like the clinic job and if anyone has advice on whether precepting at a clinic will hold me back from hospital work later. I'm unsure which path is better for me, I'm graduating in May. I have a BS in Health Education though and...
  8. Public Health Nursing Job Suggestion

    Did you find anything else after researching this? I have a BS in Health Education/health Science and just started a 2 year ADN program to get an RN license. Think I can get a public health job afterwards if I'm fully bilingual in Spanish here in CA?...
  9. New RN, looking ahead; MPH?

    I'm curious what conclusions you reached after this post and where some of you are today as we approach 2015. I have a health education/public health background and just started a community college nursing program. I only have program implementation ...