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On 4/29/2020 at 5:28 AM, kbrn2002 said:

Seriously? Well that's lousy! I would not be impressed if I worked there. Hopefully there are a few "floating holidays" you can take to make up for that. I'm guessing probably not though.

Could be worse: all of my holiday pay came out of my stingy PTO bank AND my old employer "gave" us extra "holidays" (nebulous days before/after actual holidays, but I don't want to say which ones in case it could be used in identifying me) where we absolutely couldn't come in (facility was closed) but they still came out of our PTO. By the time holidays were taken out of our PTO, we had very little sick/vacation time that we could actually use.

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kbrn2002 has 25 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

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Gosh I am shocked at how many employers don't offer the 6 paid national holidays!  My current employer pays 8 holidays  though they are taken from the PTO bank. The PTO accrual is generous enough though to allow for plenty of time off beyond those holidays. 

My previous employer paid seven holidays as they included Easter.  Those days are just added to your check as "holiday pay" whether you worked that day or not, as long as you are classified as full time.  The holiday pay was only given to part time if they actually worked the holiday and casual/per diem employees didn't qualify at all so there was no incentive for them to  pick up the day or to work for somebody else that might have been looking for a replacement if they wanted to take that day off. 

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