Pt.'s husband asked to try on SCD's !


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At least he didn't want to try on anything that belonged to the baby.....

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I would have let him try them on. I enjoy being around light hearted family members/patients. Besides it's not like he was asking for some tylenol from the med room for himself or for some needles to take home.

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Yeah....not really that big a deal. If mom really needs the SCDs, then no. But if she's getting up, I might let him try them on while she's up.

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Honestly, none of that sounded weird to me. My best friend's husband decided to become a nurse after witnessing his childs birth and has been at it for over 20 years now. He became an instructor last year.

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The velcro pads that go around a patients calf and gently vibrate with intermittant pressure to prevent a DVT from breaking off.

SCDs are used in order to prevent DVTs from forming. They should not be used on someone that has a DVT, as they can cause the DVT to break off and become a PE.

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After working 2 or 3 twelve hour shifts in a row, I want to try the SCDs, too!

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it sounds to me like he is very interested in what is going on with his wife. And if he is serious about wanting to go into nursing and OB - then more power to him! And so what if momma wanted to stand and comfort him - she may have just been tired of sitting and lying down. Too much time on the back and too much time stiing and you have a back ache along with abdominal pain.

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