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Help! My head hurts. I applied for a position at Kaiser and had to take an online assessment. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before (and I've been around). The test went like this: The manager calls her six employees every Monday. Lisa can be first or second. Jane cannot be last. Dan must be called after Fred. Tom is called before Jeff. Which statement is true?

A. Dan is called 5th

B. Jane is called 2nd

C. Fred is called 1st

D. Lisa is called 2nd

This is an approximation. There was a 2 minute per question limit. Surely, there is some way to do this test, maybe with Venn Diagrams? Can anyone give me some input on what this test was and how to succeed at it? I found a similar example online which is why I think it's called a Psychometric Verbal reasoning test. Apparently, it's the rage in Europe.

Any input is appreciated!

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I think the answer is D. You are not actually finding the order, you are following the instructions. Lisa can be first or second. D says Lisa is second. True, yes?


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The example I typed is just an approximation. Believe me, there was no way one could deduce the answer without determining several other positions. I would like to know if anyone has seen such questions and if they know how one should best approach solving it. I'm thinking some kind of diagramming might be used.

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Yes a quick diagram is really the only way

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I'm so confused, I don't know whether to pick my watch or wind my nose. Guess I won't be working for Kaiser, huh?


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My question is why? How is your correct answer going to let them know whether you are right (or wrong) for the position? I'll have to do some research.

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LOL - this reminds me of the old GRE "logic and reasoning" questions. I would imagine that they are intended for the same purpose - or else they are serving as a test laboratory for an Organizational/Industrial psychologist's PhD research.