weird patient demands

  1. Hi there in the past week i have had 3 incidents of weird patient demands. first was on a overnight shift in the crisis intake unit i had a female patient ask me for a enema i had asked why and her response was during the last few weeks all the stress left her constipated i was able to get orders for an oral laxative which she agreed to. i also on the same weekend had a male invol admit ask to be put in the padded room till we found him a bed and a female admit which was vol and turned invol ask to be strapped down like on tv i declined both requests and got them both to agree to an oral medicine which calmed them down neither was near the point of needing seclusion or restraints mind you. has anyone else had weird expernices like this?
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    I had a patient who was ambulatory and desperately needed to be bathed...we both agreed on her to take a shower but she demanded to be carried and wheeled around because she was Jesus.
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    lol wow
  5. by   asil5274
    Patients that ask to be strapped down or make excessive demands are trying to control the staff and remain in control. These patients feel impowered when staff does what they want them to do. Know when you are being manipulated.
  6. by   Davey Do
    Years ago, when I worked at a State Facility, a Patient believed he was Jesus and wanted me to let him out of the locked door.

    The request wasn't weird, but the situation was, sort of. The Patient had long hair with a beard, and wore one of those loose-fitting white shirts. He spoke softly with good sentence structure and informed me that he needed to make love with his girlfriend because the act would result in World Peace.

    I was tempted, but adhered to my Professional Convictions nonetheless.

    After some treatment, the Patient's Delusion System abated and the Patient went on to, well, not bigger and better things, but a somewhat ordinary life.
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    Holy smokes!!!!!!
  8. by   supernurse109
    I really think you need to learn to talk to your patients.... The first was obviously constipated. The second has been admitted to an acute unit without a bed.????? and if there has been a prior admission will prob know that the seclusion room is quiet...... As for the the Third..... well why didn't you ask.........?
  9. by   302queen
    the first has a history of admits and gets sexually aroused by enemas we offered oral laxatives and we got a refusal and our charge nurse on the inpatient unit has a habit of accepting crisis admins before we discharge for the day sometimes